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Lonely and sad child
Many children feel alone – here’s how to spot the telltale signs and help them.
10 Clever Daytime Hacks to Help Your Child Get a Good Night's Sleep
A child sleep expert outlines simple things to do during the day to help children settle better at night.
How to Make Sure Your Child has a Nutritionally Balanced Lunchbox
Time to ditch the same old sandwiches.
How Do I Know if My Child is Addicted to Gaming?
As treatment for young gaming addicts becomes more easily available, an expert explains what parents should look out for.
10 Tips for Travelling With a Baby for the First Time
Here are some expert advice on travelling as a young family.
How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Levels in Children
As new research shows over half of parents report their kids feeling stressed, here are some practical steps for the whole family to take.
6 Reasons Why it’s Important to Read Bedtime Stories to Your Kids
As well as helping children relax, reading them a bedtime story boosts their learning and improves bonding with parents
The Best Bedtime Audiobooks for Children and Teens
Avoid techno-tantrums by swapping their tablet for one of these gripping night-time tales.
5 Shows for Your Child to See the World With More Diverse View
Here are some ideas if you’re finding TV shows limited in terms of representation
Why are Parents Buying a 'Dumbphone' for Their Kids?
Yes, you can still buy a Nokia 3310 in 2019
Top Tips for Entertaining Kids While Staying Sane During Summer
We love having our kids around, in theory…
Children Learn Through Play
Play is a vital part of child development – and it’s fun for parents too.
Long-Haul Flights with Kids
Whether it’s a diaper explosion, a screaming meltdown, or excruciating ear pain during take-off, you have to be prepared for every eventuality.
Make kids listen without shouting
Yes, it’s actually possible to make kids listen without parents shouting.
Raising kids in an age when parents seem to be pushing themselves to the limit can be tough