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10 Things NOT to Do This UAE National Day

While celebrations will be country wide on December 2nd, make sure you don't break the law and land yourself in hot water...

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27 November 2016

Last updated on 19 November 2020
by Rebecca Roberts
10 Things NOT to do this UAE National Day

Image Credit: Patrick3331 via YouTube

UAE National Day is almost here, and so will be the festivities... But while celebrating, here's some things to keep in mind...

The thought of a long weekend for anyway is a great one; days off work, and an opportunity to spend time doing what we love best in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

Of course, we're just excited as anyone for the long weekend coming up for UAE National Day and will be sporting our UAE flags proudly.

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Sure, it's the perfect time to show your patriotic side! As expats in the UAE, we've always been welcomed and so it's a great opportunity to join in the fun and show our appreciation of the country we have chosen to call home.

All over social media already, there's pictures showcasing the fabulous colours of red, green, white and black in all shapes and forms - from cupcakes, to decorations, to the Burj Khalifa itself.

However, there are some things you must bear in mind during your celebrations as there are some don'ts you must remember so you don't land on the wrong side of the law or cause disrespect to the country and its people.

1. Don't change your car's colour

Literally, don't give your car a fancy new look or paint it a different colour.

2. Don't paint/add inappropriate or obscene words/phrases onto your car

This goes without saying - you do not, whatsoever, want to cause offense to others around you also celebrating.

3. Don't exceed the car's capacity

According to the UAE's Covid-19 guidelines, the number of people inside a car shouldn't be more than three - this includes the driver and passengers.

However, if everyone in the car are family members who live together/housemates, the regular seating capacity can be met. Meaning, if your car is a 5 seater... Only 5 people can sit in it! Simple!

4. Don't modify your engine

Installing parts that increase the noise of your vehicle is a huge no-no, or performing any alterations to the engine either.

5. Don't use spray cans

Whether it's to tint your windshield, or your driver's window. Don't do it. And don't be tempted to spray any graffiti anywhere.

6. Don't place flags at the rear of your vehicle...

It's hugely disrespectful!

7. ...And don't place them where it will obscure your view while driving

This goes without saying.

8. Don't stop your car on the road

Or at a bus stop or taxi station. The last thing you want to do is disrupt the flow of traffic by parking on main and internal roads. The last thing anyone needs is a car accident while enjoying the celebrations.

9. Don't hide your number plates

Again, goes without saying.

10. Don't sit on the roof, bonnet or back of a moving car... Or stick your head out of the window!

We really hope you wouldn't do this anyway.

Enjoy the fun, but be mindful of the regulations

Please remember, if you are found doing any of the above to your car or while out and about for UAE National Day this week, it will be deemed a violation of the rules and regulations enforced here and you will face a penalty.