UAE National Day 2018: Public Holiday Dates Confirmed |

Long Weekend Confirmed for UAE National Day

A UAE Cabinet announcement declared the public holiday for both public and private sector workers

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17 November 2018

Last updated on 19 November 2018
UAE National Day public holidays 2018

Every year on December 2nd, UAE National Day is observed...

The occasion invites all UAE residents and nationals to participate in country-wide celebrations in honour of the United Arab Emirates.

For 2018, the UAE's Cabinet has declared that both the 2nd and 3rd of December 2018 shall be public holidays - leaving plenty of time and opportunity for everyone to join in the festivities to mark the occasion.

The UAE National Day public holiday will see the weekend turn into a four-day long weekend, as Sunday and Monday shall be off for both public and private sector workers. Work will resume for all on Tuesday, 4th December, 2018.

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"The Cabinet extended warm greetings and best wishes on the occasion to the people of the UAE", reports WAM.

This year is the country's 47th anniversary of UAE National Day, as it has been 47 years since the United Arab Emirates was founded in 1971.

When is UAE National Day?

  • When is UAE National Day 2018? Sunday 2nd December
  • When is UAE National Day every year? The public holiday falls on December 2nd every year - but the day may vary based on the Gregorian calendar
  • UAE National Day 2018 holiday for public sector: Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd December, 2018
  • UAE National Day 2018 holiday for private sector: Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd December, 2018
    • Since the country was founded in 1971, UAE National Day has been celebrated across the country every year on December 2nd.

      Why is UAE National Day celebrated?

      This date marks the original date that the United Arab Emirates was founded. The UAE was established after six (of the current seven) emirates agreed to form a federation in response to a British decision to withdrawn from what was then known as the Trucial States.

      The seventh emirate, Ras Al Khaimah, joined the federation later on February 10th, 1972.

UAE National Day public holidays 2018

Frequently asked questions about UAE National Day

Here we answer the most common, frequently asked questions about the United Arab Emirates National Day holidays:

How is UAE National Day celebrated?

There are plenty of activities and entertainment happening across the country that you can join in with to celebrate the country's national pride. Particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where residents can enjoy firework displays, UAE National Day parades, cultural festivals, traditional cuisines and plenty of shopping opportunities!

Is UAE National Day a religious holiday?

No, it is not and thus is a set date every year on the Gregorian calendar, unlike Ramadan or either Eid, which are based on the Islamic, lunar calendar.

Is UAE National Day dry?

As it isn't a religious holiday, no - the UAE National Day public holiday is not dry.

What greetings to say for UAE National Day:

A simple wish of happy UAE National Day would be enough to say to friends, family and colleagues... Or say it in Arabic! Repeat after us: "Eid Ittihad Sae'ed".

What is the UAE's National Anthem?

If you know or can learn the country's national anthem, this is a great way to celebrate the occasion! The UAE's National Anthem is called Ishy Bilady and can be found here.

Is there UAE National Day deals available?

To mark this festive occasion, there will be plenty of deals on offer for you to enjoy - why not head to deals site, Cobone, and check the great discounts and offers you can avail to celebrate UAE National Day.

Is there fireworks for UAE National Day?

Yes, every year to mar December 2nd there are city-wide fireworks displays - more details will be confirmed closer to the date!