Dubai Residents Will NEED To Get New Number Plates As Of 2019 |

Dubai Residents Will NEED To Get New Number Plates As Of 2019

RTA announced this new mandatory switch for Dubai drivers

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23 December 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
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Motorists in Dubai will need to adhere to this new rule

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai posted on Twitter on Thursday about a new mandatory rule for car owners in the city.

It announced that as of the beginning of 2019, all motorists will need to get the newly designed car number plates when they renew their registration.

Meaning that if your car registration is due towards the beginning of the New Year, you’ll have to obtain the redesigned number plates.

And by July 2019, it will be mandatory on all public and private organisations to get the new plates, added RTA.

Moreover, by the beginning of 2020, RTA announced that it will become mandatory to issue number plates by individuals and will be elective – giving all motorists almost a year to switch to the new design.

To change to the newly redesigned number plates, motorists will need to pay a one-time cost of AED35 to AED50 depending on their choice of short or long plate.

But for those who want luxury plates, the cost will be AED500 and AED200 to have the Dubai brand on the vehicle number plate.

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Why is there a change in design?

If you’ve paid attention to the different car number plates, you’d see that some are older designs and others are newer designs – RTA wants to standardize the design.

It also wants to make sure that all vehicle number plates have the three important elements that some older version may not have: the Dubai brand, the code and the numbers.

The RTA also hopes that this move will prepare for dual code number plates.