Dubai Streets to Be Monitored By Smart AI Cameras on RTA Taxis |

Dubai Streets to Be Monitored By Smart AI Cameras on RTA Taxis

Authorities have been testing taxis equipped with street monitoring cameras in the emirate

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18 October 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Dubai taxis to be installed with street monitoring cameras

In an effort to monitor street activities and enhance town-planning, Dubai taxis will have AI cameras attached to them.

Earlier this year, we shared the news that all Dubai taxis will be installed with surveillance cameras by 2019. These, however, are to monitor the behaviours of both driver and rider.

Now, in an effort to improve safety and security for all Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) users and Dubai residents, even more cameras are to be installed on all taxis in the city… But these will monitor what’s happening externally.

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Announced during Gitex Technology Week 2018, the RTA confirmed that a new technology is currently being tested, with 10 Dubai taxis already equipped with new smart cameras.

These AI cameras are to help authorities keep track of activities on Dubai’s streets.

Footage will also help civic bodies to collect data for better town-planning in the future. In order to do this, the cameras will have artificial intelligence features of face detection and plate-number recognition enabled.

“The plate-number detection facility will help us keep track of vehicles that are on road illegally or if a car is stolen or if its registration is up for renewal etc.

“We can also collect data about the number of vehicles from other emirates plying on Dubai roads,” said Dr Yousuf Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation.

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The new system will see taxis installed with two external cameras, at the front and rear, and an internal one.

Al Ali further explained that a dedicated team will collect and analyse the data before transferring it to the relevant departments.

If the results of the 10 taxi trial is successful, the project will be rolled-out and implemented across a further 500 taxis, later opening to all taxis operating in the city.