UAE Petrol Prices Have Reduced for December 2022 |

UAE Petrol Prices Have Reduced for December 2022

Fuel prices have been slashed by nearly 20 fils per litre for the month of December in the UAE

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1 December 2022

Last updated on 5 December 2022
What are the UAE's petrol prices for December 2022?

These are the latest fuel prices in the UAE, effective from December 1.

UAE drivers, we've got great news! The petrol and diesel prices in the UAE have been reduced for December 2022.

The reduced costs come after officials increased prices for the first time in months. Earlier in November, the cost of petrol and diesel in the UAE rose by nearly 30 fils per litre, after three months continuous reduced prices.

What are the new UAE petrol prices for December 2022?

The cost of Super 98 is AED 3.30 per litre, previously AED 3.32 per litre in November.

The price of Special 95 has been slashed to AED 3.18 per litre, from AED 3.20 per litre last month.

Diesel has dipped to AED 3.74 per litre for December, which used to be AED 4.01 per litre.

E-plus 91 has also seen a cut in price, with AED 3.11 per litre.