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Dr. Adib Al Attar

Dr. Attar is a highly experienced Urological Surgeon

Urology Surgeon

With over nine years of experience in the field of urology between Damascus and Germany prior to joining Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, Dr. Adib is a urologic surgeon practising both male and female urology including surgery and urology for malignant and benign disorders diseases of the prostate, kidney, ureter, bladder, testis and penis, such as infections, stones, trauma, impotency and infertility.

Dr. Adib conducts urogenital oncology screening and therapy as part of Mediclinic Parkview Hospital unique new urogenital cancer screening programme. Dr. Adib holds several memberships including the European Association of Urology (EAU), the German Society of Urology (DGU) and the German Society of Andrology (DGA).

Core competencies

  • Urogenital oncology
  • Stones (endoscopic approaches)
  • Andrology (microscopic varicocelectomy, vasectomy, microscopic vasovasostomy, penile straightening operations as well as the implantation of the hydraulic penile prosthesis)


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