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7 Reasons Why a Foreign Language Course is the Most Thoughtful Gift

Searching for the perfect gift this holiday season? We've found just the thing

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23 November 2019

Last updated on 11 December 2019

Searching for a one-of-a-kind gift? We've found one that's sure to make the best one...

Whether it's for a friend, colleague or someone special, a language course may be one of the best gifts to give.

Particularly for expats living in the UAE, an Arabic language course at The Arabic Language Centre (ALC) is a unique experiential gift that's guaranteed to be well-received. Being able to speak the native language in the UAE can be super helpful in so many ways; not only does it display respect for your host country and its citizens, but knowing Arabic can also help you in certain situations.

If you'd like to learn Arabic yourself, you can actually sign-up for a FREE trial at ALC in January 2020!

Here are 7 reasons why a language gift is a great idea this holiday season...

1. Connecting with Arabic speakers

Learning Arabic in the UAE enables expats to know the language of their host country - event if it's at a basic level - and connect with its Arabic speaking population in their own language. This gesture is highly admired and will go a long way.

2. Familiarity with local media

Knowing Arabic enables expats to understand the language used in the local media (road signs, radio/TV, newspapers, advertisements, etc.) or at governmental authorities - without a "loss in translation". Knowledge is power, and this awareness is certainly an empowering experience!

3. Networking

Enrolling in an Arabic language course opens doors for learners to meet like-minded people who are equally keen on personal development and expanding their social networks.

4. Professional growth

Adding a foreign language to one's skills enhances professional qualifications and improves their career opportunities. Most recruiters regard knowing a foreign language as an asset. When this foreign language is Arabic, it is even more advantageous for candidates in the Arab world.

5. Cultural awareness

Knowing Arabic enables learners to better understand the Arabic culture and appreciate its beauty, richness, and diversity. Furthermore, through language, learners understand the dos and don'ts of the society they live in, eliminate stereotypes and develop cultural awareness.

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6. Schoolwork support

As the Arabic subject is mandatory in the UAE up until middle school, knowing Arabic enables non-Arabic speaking parents to support their children at home and perhaps help with their homework.

7. Brain health

Last but not least... Acquiring a new skill or learning a foreign language keeps the adult brain active and healthy. Language learning improves thinking skills and memory abilities. Your special one will thank you for it for the years to come!

Where to find a language course in UAE

Invest in the growth of your special someone by gifting them a language course with one of the pioneers of teaching Arabic as a foreign language in the UAE.

Since its establishment at the Dubai World Trade Centre in 1980, the Arabic Language Centre has taught Arabic to thousands of enthusiastic non-Arabic speaking adults and children across the UAE.

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Learners embark on learning Arabic in the UAE for multiple reasons: social, business, cultural, academic, personal interest, or a combination of many.

The center employs a unique teaching methodology developed by its founder, Maliha Wehbe. The method brings out the logic and beauty of the Arabic language and presents it in a simplified, easy-to-learn and fun manner. Teaching is highly interactive, and the courses are geared towards preparing learners to communicate effectively in real-life contexts.

Arabic language course offers at ALC

Arabic for adult courses on offer

ALC teaches Social and Business Arabic, beginners through advanced levels, in different types of classes (public, private, and corporate classes). Public classes are offered in intensive and regular paces, on weekdays and weekends, at flexible timings throughout the year.

The upcoming terms for adults are the December 2019 Intensive Term (December 21-30) and the January 2020 Term, commencing January 11. The courses can be viewed in detail here. Registration can be made here.

FREE trial class

To give learners a close idea of how and what we teach, we invite anyone interested to attend a FREE Trial classes, which is scheduled for January 7th, 2020. Booking is required and can be made by phone 043315600 or email [email protected]

Arabic for children aged 3 - 16 years

For the children’s audience, ALC is launching a weekly-based Winter Camp starting December 15th – January 2nd. The camp is focused on oral communication and it integrates an array of activities such as arts & crafts, educational games, role-playing, and songs in a fun and friendly environment. More details about the camp can be found here.

Furthermore, we offer regular Public Classes on Saturdays, all year round. The upcoming January 2020 Term for children will take place from January 11th – March 21st. The timetable can be found here.

For more details, please feel free to contact the Arabic for Children’s department by phone 043310221 or email [email protected]

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Since its establishment in 1980, the Arabic Language Centre (ALC) based at the Dubai World Trade Centre, has taught Arabic to thousands of enthusiastic non-Arabic speaking adults and children across the UAE.

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