GEMS Royal Dubai School Joins New British Independent Schools Group |

GEMS Royal Dubai School Joins New British Independent Schools Group

Students and teachers at the stand-alone primary school will now see benefits from a close partnership with top secondary schools in Dubai

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27 November 2023

Last updated on 27 November 2023
GEMS Royal Dubai School Joins New British Independent Schools Group

GEMS Royal Dubai School has joined two other stand-alone leading British schools in a new professional group within the established GEMS Wellington cluster of schools.

The new British Independent Schools group consist of GEMS Royal Dubai School, GEMS Jumeirah Primary School, and GEMS Jumeirah College.

Together, the three schools are working on initiatives to share best practice and bring a host of impactful opportunities to pupils. Each school brings its own values and unique expertise, and by collaborating closely, the schools will strengthen the quality of education provided to all students.

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Children at GEMS Royal Dubai School can expect to benefit from the new partnership in multiple ways, including priority application to Jumeirah College as well as the secondary schools at GEMS Wellington International School, GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail, and GEMS Wellington Academy – Silicon Oasis.

This enables RDS pupils to take advantage of the direct partnership with Jumeirah College and the other senior schools in the cluster while at the same time continuing to benefit from RDS’ ‘small school’ feel and its many strengths as a stand-alone primary school.

These benefits for children in their early years encompass key aspects of what makes a great school experience.

Individualised attention

A key benefit is the focus on individualised attention, which is vital for younger learners.

With smaller class sizes, dedicated teachers, and experts in Early Years education, children receive the personalised guidance they need to flourish academically and personally.

At RDS, each child’s unique strengths and challenges are recognised and addressed, allowing for a tailored learning experience that maximises their potential.

Strong foundation

Stand-alone primary schools are designed with the main goal of providing a strong academic foundation. They have a specialised curriculum structured to foster essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication.

By focusing on these elements, students are well-prepared for their journey into secondary school and future success.

With RDS’ Outstanding rating in all categories from British Schools Oversees (BSO), the school has a proven track record of academic success.

RDS also holds High Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School Status and was one of the first schools in the UAE to obtain this accreditation.

Nurturing and supportive environment

RDS promotes a supportive environment that fosters a sense of belonging and community. Students develop strong social and emotional skills as they form lasting friendships, learn to resolve conflicts, and engage in teamwork.

The caring atmosphere promotes self-confidence and emotional well-being, meaning children are, above all, happy to be at school.

Advanced facilities and resources

Many stand-alone primary schools invest in state-of-the-art facilities and resources to enhance the learning experience.

RDS has a number of facilities specifically suited for younger learners such as foundation stage and primary libraries, two swimming pools including one learner pool, and an innovation lab, allowing children to have access to the tools and spaces they need to thrive academically and socially.

Close-knit community

Smaller, stand-alone primary schools, like RDS, foster a close-knit community of students, parents, and teachers.

This sense of community and putting families first can be beneficial for both students and their families, especially in the primary school years, as it creates a support network for children’s educational and social needs.

Students also feel a sense of belonging and safety within the school and the local community, they are seen as a home away from home.

Holistic development

At RDS learning goes beyond the classroom to include a well-rounded approach to education. From interactive lessons to hands-on activities, children are encouraged to express their individuality and explore their interests with extracurricular activities, whether it’s in sports, arts, or other areas. This well-rounded development helps children become curious, confident, and creative.

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