No Shorter Hours for Private Schools During Summer in Dubai |

Dubai Private Schools Will Not Be Changing School Hours

Private sector students look to indoor classes to beat the heat

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16 June 2019

Last updated on 18 June 2019
Student with mother going to school

As summer break for students kicks off on early July, schools have less than a month to finish their syllabus and must catch up.

In a previous announcement by the UAE Ministry of Education, public schools will be reducing school hours. Temperatures are not getting any lower this summer, and according to private schools in Dubai, neither will their teaching hours.

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Despite how daunting it might sound, pupils and parents can be rest assured schools are taking measures to keep students cool and safe.

To combat the rising heat, physical education classes and lunch breaks are being held indoors within air-conditioned rooms. This is to minimize health risks and so that students may not feel tired and lethargic as the day progresses.

Helps prevent students from falling behind

Private schools in Dubai follow a variety of foreign curriculums (American, GCSE, CBSE, and IB), most of which are extensive and the portions must be completed in time for exams. Private sector principals have said that reducing school hours might make both the teachers and students struggle to complete the year’s portion.

To avoid students from falling behind, private schools will not be following other public schools’ decision to reduce school hours.

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Parents have told The National that reducing school hours would cut lessons short which might delay the syllabus progress.

Other parents said that students leaving school early would lead to them not focusing on studies at home.