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Shorter School Hours in Dubai Revealed for Summer

Students will have shorter school hours throughout the hottest months in Dubai's public schools

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11 June 2019

Last updated on 16 June 2019
by Rebecca Roberts
Shorter school hours during summer in Dubai

Shorter school hours in Dubai have been confirmed for summer this year.

The amended hours will be applied throughout the months of June and July 2019, as confirmed by the UAE's Ministry of Education in a recent announcement.

Public school hours will be cut by at least one hour throughout the hottest months of the season, and the change aims to reduce the impact caused by the intense heat on school children.

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Classes have been shortened and morning assemblies removed from student daily schedules; periods will be reduced to 40 minutes instead of the normal 45 minutes and pupils will be given just three minutes to move between classes.

As a result of these changes, the school day will be reduced by one hour.

The summer timings, which came into effect on Sunday, will continue until the end of July and were announced in a circular released by the Ministry of Education. The revised timings include:


  • Children will start at 8am and finish at 11.45am
  • Teachers will stay in school until 1pm

Primary classes

  • Boys will start at 7.15am and finish at 12.37pm
  • Girls will begin at 8am and finish at 1.22pm

Secondary classes

  • Boys will start at 7.15am and finish at 1.20pm
  • Girls will begin at 8am and finish at 2.05pm

This is not the first time school timings have been cut to reduce the effect of intense heat on Dubai students, which can see temperatures soar well above 40°C.

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As well as reducing school hours, the UAE government also implements a midday break for labourers who are exposed to intense sunlight during the day - the break requires outdoor workers to stop working from 12.30pm until 3pm every day throughout summer, from June 15th through to September 15th.