Final Year: What Next? |

Final Year: What Next?

Your final year of being a student is coming to an end, but have you thought about what you'll do after university?

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16 April 2015

Last updated on 24 May 2017
Final Year: What Next?

No doubt the stress over your final project, dissertation or exams has come and made a visit to you few times this year, all mixed with the thought of your life outside of the academic bubble. So what happens next? Do you feel ready to face the business world? Or are you still undecided about your next move? Here we have some ideas and tips to consider, to help you on your next journey upon finishing your degree.

Ready For the World of Work

Completing university and gaining a degree is a wonderful achievement and If you feel ready to hop into your ideal job some may find it harder than others. This is where work experience is important, employers like to see a busy and up to date CV that showcases your knowledge of working within a professional environment. If you have a solid few weeks or even months of working within a relatable job, this helps you to stand out from the hundreds of other CV’s applying for the same role.  If work experience is lacking on your CV it could be an idea for you to start making contacts with companies and line up some work experience or internships for when you’ve finished.

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Time for a Break

Travelling after university

You’ve worked hard for the last few years, you do deserve a break. Why not look into travelling? The chance to visit that country you’ve been dying to see could be a wonderful experience. In your final year why not start some research into flight costs, accommodation, as well as starting to save up money and considering travel companions.

Travelling isn’t always cheap so the more you save the better, however If you plan to be abroad for a couple of months it could be an option of getting a part time job to support yourself. 


Volunteering after university

The options are huge when it comes to volunteering and you would be surprised at how many industry and non industry related job roles are available to suit every person, and all for a good cause! If you struggle to gain any work experience, volunteering could be a valuable option for you and your CV. From Finance and accountancy, Communications and PR, to helping in a pet shelter or food drive for the homeless, there is something to suit everyone. It’s worth a talk to your local charities with your enquiry about the opportunities they can offer you.

Continue your Degree

Post graduate university

Can’t get enough of university? The option for continuing could be something to consider. If your university and degree offer a masters, top-up year or a PHD you are able to sign up for a further few years, dependant on your grades. Make sure you enquire with your course tutor about entry grades and your option for continuing, they can advise you with your next move.

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How do you choose what is best for you?

post university life

Finishing university can be an exciting but daunting experience for some, so how do you choose your next move? 

  • First define what you want- out of life and your career
  • Make a list of all the options you have available to you
  • Define your path(s)
  • Identify what comes next

 Keep an open mind when planning your life after university, don’t let things drift- keep calm and make a plan. You don’t have to decide what to do with the rest of your life, you are choosing a good next step to suit you.