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Glamping Should Already Be On Your List For Winter In The UAE

Because why isn’t it already?

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6 November 2018

Last updated on 10 January 2019

Nope, it’s not a typo – glamping is an actual activity

And it’s taking the UAE by storm.

Forget packing extra TP and an extra BBQ grill to make sure all your camping essentials are in check – a new camping activity will require zero effort from your end.

Ditch the camping bags, the camping tents and even the hundreds of flashlights that you’ve packed “just in case.”

Glamping is the new and improved version of camping – and if we’re being honest, once you’ve gone glam, there’s no going back.

What is glamping you may ask?

Glamping is a revolutionary new concept that combines nature and modern luxury - forget the days of sleeping on the rocky ground, getting bite by insects and being stranded out in nowhere.

This experience will give you all the feelings of “camping,” minus all the dirty work with just a little bit of glam and luxury…because why not!

It’s a great way to experience the outdoors without having to sacrifice your comfort because a lot of times we want to explore the outdoors but lack the knowledge and expertise to set up a proper campsite.

Glamping offers a glamorous and comfortable option for those semi-adventure seekers in the UAE.

While some might think this is taking away from the true experience of being out in the outdoors and that glamping is just a nice tent – it’s much more than it.

It provides glampers with a unique experience and jaw-dropping views while staying within their camping limits.

And to all those nature enthusiasts looking for the best glamping spots in the UAE, we’ve got your back.

1. Banan Beach

Located just off Jebel Ali in Dubai, Banan Beach is the UAE best-kept beach secret.

The new beach resort offers all-day beach access, villas to rent and of course the ultimate glamping huts – right by the beach!

It’s a fantastic way to get away from the UAE’s rustle and bustle and spend a day or two lounging by the beach with amazing views of the sunrise and sunset – Banan beach is fully equipped with tents, hammocks and sea-facing swings.

Basically…this is the ultimate location to enjoy the sun, the sand, the beach and the solitude.

And it’s totally instagrammable.

2. Alma Desert Retreat

A camping retreat right in the middle of the RAK's desert, you’ll get to fully immerse yourself with the true history of the UAE and go back to the Bedouin-inspired roots.

What makes this glamming location different, is that it is centred towards wellness and offers a solitude escape for yoga and meditation lovers in the UAE.

A whole weekend getaway catered to get your spiritual vibes in check, this quirky and zen location is the perfect stress-free getaway that your body is searching for.

Beautiful little white and blue houses are located right by the sand in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and are easily accessible by cars.

You’ll be saying “uhummmmmmm” as you pack your car.

3. Hatta Sedr Trailers

The new fabulous glamping retreat has made headlines in the UAE because of the jaw-dropping views of the Hatta region in the UAE.

With trailer-inspired glamping houses, you’ll check in and never want to leave.

The trailer is beautifully decorated to make you enjoy panoramic views of the Hatta mountains and dam without feeling cramped up in a trailer.

You'll only be surrounded by the lights of your trailer hotel and the Hatta skies are sure to light up with beautiful stars that'll give you the breath-taking views you hoped to see in the UAE.

And while skyscrapers and city lights may be your daily view – this is a one-of-a-kind experience for all the glampers in the country.

4. Bedouin Oasis

If your search for an authentic yet glamped up experience in Dubai has yielded nothing so far – the Bedouin Oasis in Ras Al Khaimah is just what you’re looking for.

Forget a flimsy tent in the middle of the desert, these little hut-inspired mini houses are everything and more.

And the best part? The whole area is surrounded by authentic Arabian experiences, including an Arabian courtyard to sit and sip your tea in, waist shaking performances by a talented belly dancer and nothing but the beautiful sands all around you.

This is the perfect escape for those wanting to relive the lives of the Bedouins and truly experience marvellous nights out in the UAE deserts.

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