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Jumeirah Village Circle Area Guide

With everything you could need at your fingertips, JVC is perfect for families

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15 July 2019

Last updated on 6 January 2020
Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle is an affordable, family-friendly community that has everything you need at your fingertips.

For expats wanting to be close enough to the city, but still seeking an element of peace - this popular neighbourhood is the perfect place.

The community is still up and coming, but so far there are 18 districts within JVC, which include apartments, townhouses, villas, and commercial buildings. You can find parks, grocery shops, schools, early education centers and pharmacies spread across the community, meaning you never have to go too far from home.

Here is our complete area guide to Jumeirah Village Circle for those planning on moving to the community.

Where is Jumeirah Village Circle in Dubai?

Public transport in Jumeirah Village Circle

  • RTA bus J01
  • The closets metro is mall of the Emirates
  • National taxis can be found around the area

Commute times by car from Jumeirah Village Circle

  • to Dubai International Airport: 25 minutes
  • to Jebel Ali: 20 minutes
  • to Dubai Studio City: 10 minutes
  • to Dubai Marina: 17 minutes
  • to Downtown Dubai: 20 minutes
  • to Mirdif: 30 minutes
Jumeirah Village Circle

Amenities and facilities in Jumeirah Village Circle

For residents who are living in or new in Jumeirah Village Circle, the following public amenities and facilities are available in the neighbourhood:

  • Choithrams and Spinneys, with lots of smaller grocery shops all around the community
  • Two mosques
  • Several schools are located within JVC
  • Find multiple nurseries in the areay
  • Pet and family friendly

Jumeirah Village Circle will cater to all of your needs. There are shops and restaurants all around the community. Two mosques are placed within the area, JVC Masjid and the Mosque in Prime Business Centre. If you want to visit a church, Redeemed Christian Church of God in Tecom is the closest, and the nearest temple is Krishna and Shiva temples in Bur Dubai.

One of the main reasons JVC is such a family-friendly community is the number of schools located throughout. To find schools in the area, you can visit our Education section here. For doctors and clinics, find the nearest one to you with our directory, here.

Currently, there are no malls within Jumeirah Village Circle however Nakheel has announced the launch of the Circle Mall JVC, which is set to open mid-2019. That will have over 200 stores, a cinema and multiple dining options. For now, the closest shopping centers are City Centre Me’aisem in IMPZ and Mall of the Emirates.

What's life like in Jumeirah Village Circle?

  • A family-friendly and pet-friendly community
  • Away from the hustle and bustle of the city
  • Little to no public transport

Jumeirah Village Circle is a community perfect for families who want to get away from the busy, fast-paced lifestyle that Dubai offers. It’s easy to stay active within the community as there are gyms, running tracks and cycling paths throughout and kids can enjoy the multiple parks and playgrounds that JVC has. When it comes to your four-legged friends, the community is pet-friendly and provides multiple areas for you to walk around and enjoy the community.

JVC is limited when it comes to public transport, so if that something you heavily rely on, it will be a struggle. However, for those who have their own transport and want a peaceful, not too far from the city, pet-friendly place, Jumeirah Village Circle will fit all your needs.

Jumeirah Village Circle by day

Kids will be going to school, professionals to work and people going on with the day. In the mainly residential areas, this gives JVC a quieter atmosphere. Since there are businesses throughout the community, you’ll find people coming in and out, getting on with work or just doing their tasks for the day.

Jumeirah Village Circle
Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle by night

As the community is mainly occupied by families, the nightlife is quiet and tranquil around the community. Kids will be using the parks, people taking their pets for walks and joggers as well as cyclists will be taking advantage the space JVC has to offer. There are also restaurants that fill up with families If you’re looking for bars, a dance floor and a night that never ends, you will have to look elsewhere.

Who lives in Jumeirah Village Circle?

You will mainly find young couples and families around JVC. For people who like a fast-paced city lifestyle, JVC will not be the place for you.

Jumeirah Village Circle

Properties for rent and sale in Jumeirah Village Circle

Average rental prices in Jumeirah Village Circle are as follows:

  • Studio apartment: 38,000
  • 1 bedroom apartment: 50,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: 73,000
  • 3 bedroom apartment: 85,000
  • 2 bedroom villa/townhouse: 110,000
  • 3 bedroom villa/townhouse: 115,000
  • 4 bedroom villa/townhouse: 120,000

Average sales price for properties in Jumeirah Village Circle are as follows:

  • Studio apartment: 420,000
  • 1 bedroom apartment: 600,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: 800,000
  • 3 bedroom apartment: 1,000,000
  • 2 bedroom villa/townhouse: 1,800,000
  • 3 bedroom villa/townhouse: 1,300,000
  • 4 bedroom villa/townhouse: 1,400,000

What are properties like in Jumeirah Village Circle?

Apartments, townhouses, commercial properties, and villas can all be found within Jumeirah Village Circle. Size, style, and quality vary on which building you choose. With Nakheel being the master developer, the style of the villas and townhouses tend to stick more towards an Arabic and Mediterranean theme. Depending on where you rent or buy, the view, amenities and noise levels will vary.

Jumeirah Village Circle

Parking in Jumeirah Village Circle

Residential parking spaces will depend on where and what you choose to rent or buy in the area. Public parking is available throughout JVC but the spaces are known to fill up fast.

What are noise levels like in Jumeirah Village Circle?

Jumeirah Village Circle noise level depend on where you are. Since the community is up and coming, there is construction going on. However, Jumeirah Village Circle is known as an overall quiet and peaceful community.