Mudon in Dubai Area Guide |

Mudon Area Guide

High-end suburban, gated villa community perfect for families

Mudon in Dubai Area Guide

Located in Dubailand, Mudon is one of the newest destinations for family living in the city.

Mudon is in essence a gated community of villas and townhouses off of Dubai’s busy areas, and it offers residents and families a calm lifestyle from Dubai’s bustling noise.

The nature of Mudon is simple – it offers relaxed environments and around the clock security…not that you need it in Dubai! But it removes any doubt that you may have in terms of protection.

Families that are interested in relocating to Mudon can choose from several ready villas and off-plan phases of villas and townhouses, as the area is still developing and expanding.

Where is Mudon in Dubai?

Public transport in Mudon

  • F32 RTA Bus station from Al Salam Town Centre
  • F32 RTA Bus station from Al Qudra

Commute times by car from Mudon

You can reach the following from Mudon:

  • To Jumeirah Beach Road: 15 minutes
  • To Dubai International Airport: 35 minutes
  • To Downtown Dubai: 30 minutes
  • To Global Village: 20 minutes
  • To Mall of The Emirates: 25 minutes

Amenities and facilities in Mudon

  • Al Salam Community Centre
  • Nursery options, and a school is being built
  • Mudon football pitch
  • Mosque
  • Football pitches, basketball courts and parks
  • Coffee shops and dining options

Mudon is very popular for the shared amenities it provides, such as pools, football pitches, basketball courts and parks.

The Al Salam Community Centre is also very popular amongst residents as it provides them with all their needs – from supermarkets, to salons, to pet shops, coffee shops and dining options.

Other amenities that are easily accessible from Mudon are a few minutes’ drive away but are connected to the main highway roads, including the Plantation and Polo Equestrian Club (13 minutes), Dubai Miracle Garden (15 minutes), Al Maktoum International Airport (26 minutes), Dubai Autodrome (15 minutes) and more.

Even though there aren’t shopping malls in the Mudon area yet, the malls in Dubai are also very easy to get to from this location – Mall of the Emirates (22 minutes), Dragon Mart (25 minutes), Ibn Battuta Mall (25 minutes) and more.

A school is currently being constructed in Mudon. For nurseries, we have a dedicated guide to Dubai's nurseries that you can browse to find the nearest one to you.

For health clinics and dentists in Mudon, you can find the nearest one to you by using our directory, here.

What's life like in Mudon?

  • Very suburban area with lots of villas and parks
  • Family-based area filled with familial needs and amenities
  • People walking their dogs
  • Children playing in community parks
  • People engaging in public exercise

Mudon has everything you would expect out of a residential, gated development. The entire location is made up of smaller gated communities with separate security guards to let you into different sub-communities.

Life here is not fast-paced but is very calm and tranquil, and is every nature lover’s dream housing location. Surrounded by greenery in Dubai’s desert, you’ll find yourself enjoying everything about this place.

And the area gives residents the privacy they require, as well as providing them with shared amenities and community centres to meet all their needs.

Mudon has lots of swimming pools, jogging tracks, football fields and basketball courts that encourage residents of the area to engage in outdoor activities and lead a more active lifestyle thanks to those community amenities.

Mudon in Dubai Area Guide

Mudon by day

It’s not uncommon to see parents dropping off their little ones at nurseries before heading off to work, as the area has a children’s nursery dedicated to the Mudon community.

You can also find lots of mums grabbing some groceries from the supermarket at Al Salam Community Centre and friends catching up at a coffee shop in the area too.

When the weather cools down during the day, you can also see some nannies taking the kids to the park to play, children riding their bikes to their friend’s houses down the street and pet owners walking their dogs for the day.

Mudon by night

Life at night is just as lively as it is in the morning, residents who live here can unwind and relax after a long day. The area instantly grants this as it is extremely calm and serene in the sub-communities.

But it can get livelier at the shared amenities found in the area – Al Salam Community Centre is always bustling with options to choose from at night and residents head on over there for dining options, shopping or just to spend some family time.

Nighttime at Mudon is extremely safe, which allows for residents to walk around the communities, to their friend’s houses or to take a quick stroll before calling it a night’s sleep. This is because of the security gates around each sub-community in Mudon and the constant 24/7 security surveillance of the area to ensure optimal comfort.

Mudon in Dubai Area Guide
Mudon in Dubai Area Guide

Who lives in Mudon?

  • Older professionals
  • Young families
  • Large families
  • Pet owners
  • Couples

A gated community brings a sense of calmness, which is not everyone’s forte. Some residents in Dubai seek a more active lifestyle and bustling streets and shops around – but Mudon offers the opposite. This is why it's perfect for families who want to bring up their children in a safe and tranquil environment and grant them the opportunity to roam around as they please without having to worry.

This location is a hub for families, which makes it an ideal place to make family friends – everyone in the area is very friendly, welcoming and wouldn’t hesitate to welcome you into the neighbourhood.

Lots of expats who want to recreate a sense of community living in a city like Dubai opt to live in Mudon, as well as some Emirati locals who want to live with a safe community and provide a desired area for their children.

Mudon in Dubai Area Guide

Properties for rent and sale in Mudon

Average rental prices in Mudon are as follows:

  • 3 bedroom villas: AED 190,000
  • 4 bedroom villas: AED 220,000
  • 3 bedroom townhouses: AED 125,000
  • 4 bedroom townhouses: AED 150,000

Average sales prices for properties in Mudon are as follows:

  • 3 bedroom villas: AED 3,500,000
  • 4 bedroom villas: AED 4,200,000
  • 3 bedroom townhouses: AED 1,400,000
  • 4 bedroom townhouses: AED 2,300,000
Mudon in Dubai Area Guide

What are properties like in Mudon?

Mudon is made up of several gated sub-communities to provide a safe and enriching environment for families in Dubai, and to grant them the privacy that they desire.

The community is separated from the main roads thanks to trees, plants and walls to give you the ultimate community feeling – so you won’t have to worry about outside noise either.

  • Mudon is made up of four phases (sub-communities) and one called Mudon Views.
  • Rahat, Mudon – is made up of 362 four bedroom townhouses.
  • Naeem, Mudon – is made up of 240 three, four or five bedroom stand-alone villas and 129 four bedroom townhouses.
  • Arabella, Mudon – is made up of townhouses and semi-independent villas and handovers started in 2018.
  • Arabella 2, Mudon – is made of townhouses and semi-independent villas and handovers will start in 2019.
  • Mudon Views – is made up of one, two or three bedroom apartments and handovers will start in 2020.

What are noise levels like in Mudon?

  • Very minimal
  • Some noise at shared amenities
  • No road noises

The noise levels are extremely minimal and might only get noisy at community amenities, such as parks, pools, nurseries, shopping centres etc.

Residents here are also aware of the tranquil lifestyle of Mudon and try not to be noisy as well. The nature of Mudon’s villas and townhouses grant the flexibility with noise production as the houses are not spaced so close together.

Not to mention, the highest speed limit inside the community is 60 km/hr, which means that you won’t be bothered by any car noises or honking from traffic inside of Mudon.