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5 Reasons Why Emirates Airline Deserve to Be Number One

Emirates Airline won the world's best airline this week from TripAdvisor, and here's 5 reasons why we're not surprised they did

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12 April 2017

Last updated on 12 April 2017
5 Reasons Why Emirates Airline Deserve to Be Number One

To top an already impressive list of accolades, this week Emirates Airline took home the award for the best airline in the world in the TripAdvisor World Travelers' Choice Awards. 

The award collects user-generated data from TripAdvisor, which means it's a most well-deserved prize. 

"The fact that the awards are a result of unbiased reviews and feedback speaks to our commitment ot deliver a superior travel experience for our customers. We want travellers to continue making Emirates their first choice whenever they think to travel.

"That is why we continue to invest in products and services across all classes, and why our service teams work hard and put their hearts into providing the very best experience for our customers both on board and on the ground every day", said Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline. 

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Putting their hearts into it is exactly why the airline is a lot of people's number one choice when travelling.

But to add a little bias into the equation and focus on why they DO deserve to be number 1, here's 5 examples of when Emirates have outshone everyone else. 

1. Free laptops and special packaging following the electronics ban

After US President Trump's electronics ban, first and business class passengers on US bound flights were offered tablets so they can continue to work, and the airline also introduced an electronics handling service that allowed passengers to retain their devices until just before they board their flight. Watch the full video here: 

2. They throw shade in the best ways possible

By tailoring an already viral commercial starring Jennifer Aniston, Emirates were able to quickly respond to the electronics ban in the best possible way. 

Not only that, after recent headlines of a doctor being violently dragged from a United Airline's aircraft, Emirates were quick to troll their American competitor with this fantastic commercial. 

This one isn't exactly about shade, but their 2017 April Fool's prank really highlights the airline's fantastic work of the marketing department... Because literally EVERYONE was fooled by this one. We guess the fact many were so quick to believe it just proves that if Emirates want to do the impossible, it wouldn't be a surprise if they managed to achieve it. 

Emirates Airline april fools prank 2017

3. The airline produces role models for women everywhere

In honour of International Women's Day this year, two female pilots flew the iconic Emirates Airbus A380 from Dubai to Vienna.

Captain Nevin Darwish from Egypt is the first woman of Arab origin to have captained the Airbus A380, and First Officer Alia Al Muhairi, a UAE national, is currently the youngest Emirati female pilot operating an Emirates A380 aircraft. Watch their journey here: 


4. They're happy to join in the fun to make Dubai look AMAZING

Yes, this place always strives to achieve the very best, the biggest, the fastest and the most jaw-dropping pursuits... Dubai pushes boundaries. The most famous time these visions were pushed beyond the unthinkable, was when the airline teamed up with Jetman Dubai to take the Airbus A380 to the skies for a formation flight.

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With a carefully choreographed aerial show, a background of the Palm Jumeirah, World Islands and Dubai's skyline, the world's largest passenger aircraft and Jetman Dubai pilots Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet, the end result was phenomenal. 


5. To celebrate International Day of Happiness, they gave FREE upgrades

Yes, we were in tears over the fact we weren't travelling on March 20th this year. Why? Because Emirates in all of their amazing-ness, offered unsuspecting passengers travelling from and transiting in Dubai with business class upgrades... FOR FREE! 

What was a simple gesture by the airline to make the selected lucky passenger's journey extra special will no doubt have made a huge impact on those individuals, and made their International Day of Happiness one to remember.