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Hatta Is THE Place To Be For Adventure-Seekers In The UAE

Learn more about water rafting and trailer camping in Hatta

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7 November 2018

Last updated on 26 March 2019

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Hatta remains as a popular touristic attraction in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates lies an area called Hatta – subdued in the mountainous area of the country, Hatta holds the key to all adrenaline seekers looking for a new quest.

Located high within the Hajjar Mountains in the UAE, Hatta is a century old secret held by nationals and expats alike that live for the next adventure.

Away from the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa and the world’s largest shopping mall, the Dubai mall – life in Hatta could not be more different than the everyday life in the city.

And that’s exactly what residents and tourists seem to love about it.

From the different adrenaline-pumping activities to the jaw-dropping scenery – everything that Hatta has to offer will make you forget about the concrete skyscrapers and appreciate the here and the now.

Surrounded by mountains, blue skies, history and beautiful views; Hatta is and always will be a unique area in the United Arab Emirates.

Just a couple of hours' drive from the city, you’ll find stone houses with palm-frond roofs, traditional water systems, stone forts and a stunning dam nestled between the mountains – this could not be more a contrast to the desert sands and skyscrapers.

And for adventure-seekers and outdoor-lovers in the UAE, Hatta will be sure to take your breath away.

1. Hike around the Hatta Mountains

Grab your hiking gear, water bottles and sunscreen because this is a hike you don’t want to miss in Hatta.

Make your way to the top of the mountains and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the area as you get to the top – Hatta Mountains are hundreds of feet in height, so it’s definitely adrenaline inducing.

Hatta also has a beautiful green outdoor area, which grants you just a little greenery as you hike along its rocky path.

2. Kayak in the Hatta water dam

Ditch the ordinary and opt for the unordinary by grabbing a kayak and setting sail on the gorgeous turquoise water of the dam in Hatta.

Nestled in between large mountains is a pretty memorable scenic view of where the water gathers up every winter and forms a grand dam.

This activity is perfect for water-lovers in the UAE, who are searching for the most unique places to Kayak in the country.

And for those who aren’t that adventurous, the dam doesn’t have extreme waves – so you can just sit back and admire the breath-taking views.

3. Mountain bike around Hatta

If walking is not your forte and you want to try other methods of transportation – then mountain biking may be your thing.

For those who are courageous enough to control and steer a mountain bike on the rocky roads of Hatta’s mountains, you’ll definitely enjoy this activity.

Pick up a bike and dazzle everyone with your tricks as you may your way to the top of the Hajjar mountains – getting there might be difficult, but just imagine how easy it’ll be to ride your bike down the mountain.

Needless to say, you’ll be in complete awe at the views from the top so every drop of sweat given will be worth it.

4. Glamp your camping in Hatta

This new addition to the Hatta outdoor list of things to do might be the best one yet because it’s a revolutionized method of camping.

Glamping, a more luxurious and comfortable way to spend a night in the outdoors, has made its way to the Hatta Mountains and it’s just beautiful.

Giving you panoramic views of the Hatta mountains, water dam and gorgeous ombre sunsets – this is the perfect activity for those accompanying the adventure-seekers but want to enjoy the views instead.

So forget packing an extra camping back or making sure your tent doesn’t fly away, glamping in a renovated RV trailer in the mountains of Hatta may be the answer to all your camping worries.

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