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High Winds Expected This Weekend In The UAE

Residents in the UAE can expect the following weather conditions this weekend

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1 November 2018

Last updated on 1 November 2018

High winds expected this weekend

As winter approaches the UAE this month and the temperatures decrease, the National Center of Meteorology warns of high winds this weekend.

The weather will be partly cloudy in some areas around the UAE and winds will reach speeds of 42 km/h arriving from the Arabian Gulf and moving northeasterly.

Because of this beachgoers are warned against high winds and rough seas this weekend – the NCM says there will be wave heights of 4-7 feet and have warned to be cautious while swimming in beaches.

And rain is expected to continue over the UAE for the next few days, however, most areas will remain sunny and partly cloudy.

Winds travelling northwesterly will be light to moderate with speeds of 20 to 30 km/hr near the coastal areas.

As for the temperatures in the UAE, you can expect them to stay between 30 to 34 degrees around the coastal areas and 31 to 35 degrees as you move further inlands.

However, the NCM has stated these weather conditions may remain until Monday.