Restrictions On What You Can Wear at New Dubai Beaches |

Restrictions On What You Can Wear at New Dubai Beaches

Two new family beaches have been created that will enforce a more modest dress code suitable for women and families.

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19 April 2017

Last updated on 19 April 2017
Restrictions On What You Can Wear at New Dubai Beaches

It might be a surprising new rule for those of us that like to visit Dubai's beaches at the weekend, but now there are restrictions being placed on women's swimwear at two new family beaches. 

Women are now being asked to cover their bikinis and dress modestly.

The new restrictions are in place as two new strips of beach have been declared family only on each side of Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, The National reported. 

There's now bright pink signs to mark the areas clearly, and staff are on hand to ensure people obey the new dress rules... And to keep away groups of single men.

The new areas are dedicated to women and families only.

New family beaches in Dubai dress code rules
Image: Google Maps

Signs in the areas order all visitors to "wear respectful swimwear", which means "women must be fully covered". 

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Everyone living in and visiting the UAE should be completely aware of the dress codes enforced in the country, and should abide by these rules when visiting public places, particularly malls, cultural areas and popular tourist attractions.

It is the first stretch of public beach in Dubai that have these rules. 

Areas surrounding public beaches have always fallen under the dress code rule; many public beaches allow visitors to sport their normal swimwear on the beach itself, but they are urged to follow the dress code rules once they have vacated the beach facility areas. 

These two new family beaches are located close to Kite Beach, which is a popular spot for kite surfers and sunbathers, but there's enough distance between each location to provide families privacy from the crowds. 

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Dubai is a tolerant country, but sometimes there are individuals who may take their beachwear to the extreme. A change like this and the creation of two new family-friendly locations is no doubt a welcome one for residents and visitors to Jumeirah.