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10 Expo Dubai Sites and Attractions That Will Remain in District 2020

These ten attractions and landmarks from Dubai Expo are here to stay for UAE residents and visitors to see

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5 May 2022

Last updated on 9 May 2022
Expo 2020 sites and attractions will be remain permanent in District 2020

A peek into what the future of the Expo 2020 site will look like...

After the doors to Expo 2020 Dubai closed on March 31, 2022, some may wonder what will become of the massive site and its pavilions?

The expo venue will be developed into a new project called District 2020, a smart and sustainable city made up of around 80% of the expo structure and an additional space of about 115,000sq for businesses.

What is District 2020?

Opening in October 2020, District 2020 is the next phase of the Dubai Expo event site. It's been described to be an all-inclusive, mixed-use urban city that is designed to be human-centric and promote economic diversification.

Out of the 200 pavilions that were present at the world's fair, these are the ten attractions, pavilions, and sites we know so far that will be staying in District 2020.

1. Al Wasl Plaza

Al Wasl Plaza will remain in District 2020. The site has hosted the world fair's opening and closing ceremony, concerts featuring popular bands such as Coldplay, and other performances.

Which parts of Expo Dubai will stay in District 2020? Al Wasl Plaza

2. India Pavilion

The India Pavilion will be remaining to join Expo 2020's next development phase.

Which parts of Expo Dubai will stay in District 2020? India Pavilion

3. Sustainability Pavilion

The Sustainability pavilion, a futuristic destination that has enthralled, entertained, and educated Expo visitors, will be transformed into a children's science centre in District 2020.

Which Expo 2020 pavilions will stay? Sustainability Pavilion

4. Saudi Arabia Pavilion

One of the most popular pavilions at Expo 2020, the Saudi Arabia pavilion will stay in District 2020 to continue showcasing green energy solutions and innovations.

Which Expo 2020 pavilions are staying permanently? Saudi Arabia pavilion

5. The Mobility Pavilion

In the next phase of the Expo 2020 site, the Mobility Pavilion will host future exhibitions for residents and visitors.

Which Expo 2020 pavilions will stay? Mobility Pavilion

6. UAE Pavilion

The UAE pavilion will remain onsite to be used as a cultural meeting spot as well as a visitor attraction. More details to come!

Which pavilions are staying in District 2020? The UAE Pavilion

7. Garden in the Sky

The Garden in the Sky is a rotating observation tower that soars 55 metres above the ground for a bird’s eye view of the site.

Which Expo 2020 attractions are staying? Garden in the Sky

8. Expo water feature

The Expo water feature, a unique installation where water flows in reverse, will remain in District 2020.

Which Expo 2020 Dubai attractions are staying permanently? Expo Water Feature

9. Cycling tracks

Perfect for District 2020's vision as a human-centric urban city, the cycling tracks that were popular among Expo visitors for guided tours and solo-exploration will also stay for future residents and tourists to come.

10. Dubai Exhibition Centre

The Dubai Exhibition Centre will stay after Expo 2020 to be used by businesses.

Dubai Exhibition Centre Expo 2020