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10 New Designated E-Scooter Tracks in Dubai: What Riders Can Expect

The RTA will be providing 10 new designated lanes for e-scooters in Dubai, and here's what riders need to know

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13 May 2024

Last updated on 15 May 2024
RTA opens designated e-scooter tracks in Dubai | Dubai news

Do you often commute with an electric scooter? You'll want to read this.

10 new designated tracks for e-scooters will be opened in Dubai, announced the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

On RTA's official X account (formerly 'Twitter'), they tweeted that this initiative is part of ongoing efforts to enhance sustainability in Dubai's roads and transportation sector. RTA also encourages residents to opt for a more fun and environmentally-friendly trip by getting an e-scooter license.

Electric scooters are available for public usage and can be rented for a fee from several designated e-scooter parking spots throughout the emirate.

The authority reminds all that #YourSafetyOurPriority.

As of now there are no official news yet of the upcoming e-scooter tracks' locations or when the pathways will be completed.

The news comes after RTA banned e-scooters from all Dubai metro and tram stations in March 2024 onwards. For many UAE residents who use their e-scooters to commute to work or school, the ban affected their daily commutes and were forced to seek alternative routes or transport methods.

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For more information, visit the RTA's official website at: rta.ae

What to expect when riding an e-scooter in Dubai

Dubai has a set of rules when riding an e-scooter in the emirate. Whether you're a first-time rider or you've been using your electronic scooter for a while, it's important to be aware of these regulations.

Requirements to Ride an Electric Scooter in Dubai:

  • The electric scooter rider must have a valid Rider's Permit.
  • The rider must be at least 16 years old to use an e-scooter or electric bicycle.
  • Helmets and reflective vests must be worn at all times while on an e-scooter.
  • Obstructing traffic on a cycle lane in Dubai in any manner whatsoever is prohibited.

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Safety Tips

Those who wish to use an electronic scooter in Dubai must comply with the following safety rules:

  • Keep a safe distance between yourself and from other pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Don't carry anything that might cause an imbalance on the e-scooter.
  • Avoid recklessly riding the e-scooter in a way that endangers the public.
  • Refrain from using headsets/headphones while riding.
  • Use an e-scooter individually (avoid riding with any additional passengers).
  • Dismount the e-scooter while crossing a pedestrian crossing

What are the penalties for breaking the rules?

Offenders caught violating the rules may face penalties, including a fine, their e-scooter or electric bicycle getting impounded, and/or being banned from riding their vehicles for a period prescribed by the RTA.

If the offender is underaged (below 18 years old), then their parent, guardian, or caregiver must pay the fine. If the fine is not settled, the e-scooter or electric bicycle will be impounded.