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11 Emotions You Feel When it's Winter in Dubai

When it comes to the winter months in Dubai, you can expect to feel sheer joy at lower temperatures and being able to go outside.

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23 October 2016

Last updated on 14 January 2020
11 Emotions You Feel When it's Winter in Dubai

Every year, everyone living in Dubai looks forward to the cooler months. Mainly because during the summer, it's far too uncomfortable to venture out and we're confined to our homes watching boxsets back-to-back. 

When the weather begins to cool, however, we all must readjust to life on the outside... No longer are we terrified to take a short walk to our nearby wall, or have to wear oven gloves while driving. 


Winter in Dubai is understandably, a welcome season while living here, even when it's effects range from the very good to the terrifyingly bad...

Can you relate to these emotions? 

Emotions in a Dubai Winter 1

You're relieved it's 33 degrees Celsius outside

To anyone else around the world, a high 33 degrees is boiling. But for us climatised folk living in Dubai, 33 is a cool and comfortable breeze that we can sit outside in and enjoy a three-course meal. The best part? It's only going to get COOLER *smug face*. 

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Emotions in Dubai winter 2

You begin to dance around excitedly about what's to come

Brunch in the sunshine, cool, breezy evenings at the beach, walks in the park or along the Dubai Creek or around Dubai Marina, outdoor activities, BBQs, sun-downers, visitors coming over, outdoor markets to wander around... Yep, the city truly comes alive when the weather is cooler.

Emotions in Dubai winter 3

You experience sheer moments of random, sheer happiness

Who doesn't love to roam around outside in the fresh air, under the desert sun, surrounded by a beautiful, beach-worthy breeze? This can only be described as happiness. 

Emotions in Dubai winter 4

You ooze smugness 

Those friends back home battling winter weather of rain, snow and hail? They probably hate you now. While they're uploading pictures of their car stuck in snow, you're posing for the most perfect Insta-worthy picture on The Beach at JBR, or at Kite Beach with the Burj Al Arab in the background. 

Emotions in Dubai winter 5

You're literally on the verge of crying with tears of joy

You can finally go to the mall and buy BOOTS, and CARDIGANS and JEANS and wear them all at the same time AND still be comfortable. Bank accounts, watch out! 

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Dubai winter emotions 6

But you do have a small fear of large crowds

Because we know that when the weather is bearable, the crowds move from the malls into our favourite places like parks, the Dubai Marina, the beaches and all outdoor events. Hello, have you been to see the Dubai Fountains when it's super busy? Prepare for bruised elbows. 

Emotions in Dubai winter 8

Plus, you're panicking about whether it might rain

You really don't want to be stuck in a huge puddle, with a broken car at the side of Al Khail in flooding due to rain while the huge Nissan Patrol drivers cruise along past you. 

Sandstorm in Dubai winter

And you're no doubt worrying about huge sandstorms

Because we all hate to drive when we can't see infront of us. Plus, we're more worried about the other drivers out there who DON'T know how to use their fog lights correctly. Ultimately, you end up blinded by full-beams instead. 

Emotions in Dubai winter 9

You become panicky, because you need to make the most of Dubai's winter

Your calendar becomes jam-packed every weekend and most week-nights with plans with friends, and family, and your endless amounts of visitors who have decided to come over to join in the fun of a bearable desert climate. 

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Emotions in Dubai winter

And in the back of your mind, you're sad because you know it will all end one day

Soon it will be January, and then before you know it May will be upon us and the temperatures will begin to creep higher and higher and higher once again. 

Emotions in Dubai winter 11

Nonetheless, you'll have great memories that you can reminisce over using your Facebook's Time-Hop feature

Because while it might be short and sweet, a winter in Dubai is most definitely a fantastic time to visit, live here and enjoy what this beautiful emirate has to offer. 



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