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6 Ways to Spend Eid in Dubai

Struggling to find ideas on how to spend your Eid break? We've got some ideas...

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4 July 2016

Last updated on 14 January 2020
6 Ways to Spend Eid in Dubai

Eid is a time where families join together to exchange gifts and worship. In Islam, there are two Eid holidays. The first, Eid Al Fitr marks the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan - a month of fasting for muslims worldwide. The second is Eid Al Adha, which is celebrated during the 12th month of the Hijra calendar.

The Eid holiday lasts three days on both occassions, and there's always a nice change of atmosphere across the UAE when they come along. 

So as it's a time of celebration and reflection, what is there that you can get up to and enjoy? 

To help you get started in planning your great Eid break, here's some ideas on how to spend the occasion with your loved ones surrounding you. And remember, greet everyone with Eid Mubarak when you see them! 

Book a trip or staycation

We all know that a Dubai summer can get a little on the uncomfortable side, so why not take the Eid holiday as an opportunity to explore elsewhere? Whether you head to one of our neighbouring emirates to explore a new place, or hop on a short plane journey, there's plenty to do... And all at an affordable price! 

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Based in Dubai, we're spoilt for choice for destinations to visit. Drive to Fujairah, or Ras al Khaimah and stay in a luxury resort there. Drive to the mountains of Oman for a cultural tour or camping weekend. Or you could even travel to one of the beautiful destinations that are just are five hours or less away on a plane. 

Visit the waterpark or zoo

Dubai boasts two fantastic world-renowned water parks that everyone just loves to visit; Aquaventure at the iconic Atlantis, and Wild Wadi that enjoys beautiful views of the recognisable Burj Al Arab. 

If it's still too hot for you to go for a splash, why not take cover in one of the zoos and animal attractions the country is home to? You have Emirates Park Zoo, Al Ain Zoo, Dubai Zoo and the Dubai Dolphinarium to choose from! 

Enjoy a spending spree

One of the best parts of Dubai is the vast number of fantastic shopping malls there is to trek around for a full day. From The Dubai Mall to Mercato Mall, there is one that suits everyone and their needs somewhere. Looking to splurge? Head to the luxury brand stores in Mall of the Emirates or Dubai Marina Mall. If you're redecorating, head to Dragonmart, or if you really want to catch a great deal, The Dubai Outlet Mall has some great bargains to buy. 

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Book a brunch with your loved ones

While food may be the last thing on everyone's minds during Eid, after grand Iftar meals and buffets every evening, organising a brunch with your loved ones is a superb way to reconnect with them after the slower pace of the Holy Month. With so many restaurants to choose from, there really is a brunch offer that will suit everyone's taste. It doesn't have to be a grand, bubbly filled affair... Simply an opportunity to enjoy quality time with your loved ones over Eid. 

Eid in Dubai ideas and plans

Catch the fireworks

Double check with your local community, but generally for every Eid holiday, there are firework shows across the emirate in celebration. The firework shows in Dubai are among the most awaited events and historically attract huge crowds, including tourists, residents and locals alike. They take place at various locations across the emirate, for example a favourite is at The Beach, opposite JBR. 

Enjoy a spot of 'me time'

With so many deals on offer in various salons, clinics and centers across the emirate, it's rude not to take advantage of some during your days off. From discounts on hair treatments, to dental work, to laser hair removal, to beauty treatments... There's plenty on offer that you can enjoy during some you time. Relax!