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8 Bizarre Things That You Can Find Inside The Dubai Mall

Ever been to the world’s largest shopping mall? Here are a few bizarre things you might’ve missed

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22 October 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is considered to be the world’s largest shopping mall and is located in our beloved city of Dubai

But just because The Dubai Mall has the word “mall” in it, does not mean that it’s just an ordinary shopping centre – it’s full of fascinating surprises.

Dubai is also home to the Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah – all of which are marvelous projects on their own; choreographed dancing fountain, world’s tallest building and region’s first manmade island.

But Dubai Mall stands to be the touristic hub of Dubai and is a must-see destination for all things shopping, leisure or dining related and it gets almost 75 million visitors per year.

That’s of no surprise, the Dubai Mall takes the title of being the world’s largest shopping mall because it is 1,124,000 square meters – equivalent to 50 football pitches!

And here are 8 things that will grab your attention while walking around The Dubai Mall.

1. An entire Gold Souk

Wandering around the UAE, you’ll witness lots of areas dedicated towards gold – from gold souks, gold shops or gold plated everything…Dubai just loves all things gold!

But it loves it so much so as to include an entire gold souk inside the mall too.

The Dubai Mall has the Gold Souk (gold market), in which visitors can roam around and purchase gold accessories from different gold shops.

As well as, to indulge in all things gold; from coffee with a hint of gold and even gold hinted ice cream – talk about expensive taste!

2. A dinosaur skeleton

While walking around the Dubai Mall, you’ll also pass by artefacts and structures that either tell a story or are a part of history – the mall becomes a free and accessible museum.

But you wouldn’t guess that there is a real-life skeleton replica of a dinosaur inside the Dubai Mall…standing tall and high, the structure portraits the skeleton bone structure of the extinct creatures.

So why not shop and learn a little about history while you’re at it?

3. Gold ATM machine

Ahh this one gotten major buzz from tourists around the world – if Dubai is known for anything, it is known for the glitz and glam and over the top projects.

Not only can you find regular ATMs at the mall to withdraw money, you can go the extra mile and purchase gold straight out of a gold ATM. Yes, that’s right.

You can choose how much gold you want to purchase straight from the electronic machine, place in your credit card or cash and you’ll get your gold bar within a few seconds.

This might actually be the best souvenir to bring back home from Dubai.

4. Olympic sized ice skating rink

One amazing activity found inside the Dubai Mall is an Olympic size skating rink to twirl around and skate till you drop.

The huge ice rink is a popular activity when the weather gets too hot in Dubai and where else in the world would you expect to find such an activity that in the mall.

So your little ones can enjoy skating around, while you finish your shopping errands.

5. An aquarium

Anyone who has been to the Dubai Mall, has posed in front of the infamous aquarium – the huge water zoo showcases different species of fish; from big to small.

You can see sharks, octopi, and fish swimming around at the aquarium – you can even buy a ticket to swim around with them! Talk about an adrenaline rush inside a mall.

And if you’re not that adventurous, there’s a regular water zoo besides the aquarium, where you can walk around and admire the fish from behind the glass – crabs, baby sharks, eels, turtles and more!

6. Lots of food trucks

If the thousands of food options inside the Dubai Mall weren’t enough, you can usually find food trucks parked on the ground floor of the mall.

Serving you instagrammable foods that you can eat while walking around the mall and admiring all the unique elements.

From waffle trucks, crepe trucks, corn trucks, Mexican trucks etc…you can eat as much as you want without worrying about the calories because you can just burn them whilst continuing your shopping spree.

7. A large flower bouquet

The Dubai Mall has various different props that are set up inside and are the perfect locations to snap the memorable vacation picture.

And different shops also try to jump on the bandwagon by placing bizarre and large items all around the mall to catch your attention…and this one sure did.

A beautiful, red and vivacious flower bouquet has been a picture prop for many Dubai Mall visitors and the only catch is that it’s three times your size!

You’ll have to put your arms out to touch the flowers but it’s a great way to show that special someone what the magnitude of a birthday/anniversary gift should be.

8. Dedicated sleeping pods

Just in case you get exhausted from exploring the mall, because let’s face it…you might - the Dubai Mall has you covered!

It’ll take you close to 3+ hours to actually explore all of the Dubai Mall and that’s just on the inside. So why not take a quick snooze in one of the dedicated sleeping pods inside the mall.

There individual sleeping pods are available to anyone who wants a power nap after a long day at the mall and will get you feeling energized in no time.