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9 Ways This Dubai Beach Park Became The World’s Smartest Park

This beautiful park is now easier to use and is very caring to the environment

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14 November 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park has just revealed its smart options in Dubai

Frequent visitors to Al Mamzar Beach Park in Dubai now have a reason to visit the beach park even more.

The beach park was undergoing renovations this year and has now unveiled a fully operating smart beach and park for residents in Dubai to take advantage of.

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Only in Dubai would you find a beach park that uses Artificial Intelligence to run its operations that aim to facilitate the experience for visitors as well as be environmentally friendly.

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Here’s why it’s the world’s smartest beach park

1. It has an app

Al Mamzar beach park now has a mobile app that lets you manoeuvre through the parks and beaches as well as book several services beforehand.

You can take a tour of the facilities on the ground, including the chalets, grill areas, event spaces and sporting areas through the app.

And book services for each.

2. Virtual reality learning

The park has been equipped with VR learning options that will immerse you in a digital experience – including a VR experience of planting vegetables and fruit trees for children.

3. Air purifier

To ensure that everyone at the park is breathing in clear, crisp air – the park has added Smart Paint that absorbs carbon dioxide and reduces the air pollution in the area.

4. Smart benches

Al Mamzar Beach Park has also added 10 benches that are smart; they are fully powered by the sun and provide free WiFi and charging stations for phones.

No wires or cables required – just sit on the bench and charge your phone.

5. Location wristbands

For parents who get scared of losing their children, can now opt to use a smart band that will provide parents with GPS tracking of their children inside the beach park.

6. Humidity into drinking water

A smart hub located in the park will convert the humid air into drinkable water for visitors in the park.

It had the ability to produce 90 litres of drinking water per day.

7. Scanning drones

A drone will be used to monitor the nature in the park – it will be able to detect any disease in the plants and trees by checking the thermal maps, carbon emission and aerial analysis of the plants.

8. Robot cleaner

A smart container will move around the park and clean up any rubbish in the way.

9. Lifeguard alert

Another drone will be able to fly over the beach and alert a lifeguard if any drowning situations in the water are spotted from above.



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