How UAE Students Can Sponsor Families: A Guide for Expats |

How UAE Students Can Sponsor Families: A Guide for Expats

A thorough guide on how expat students can sponsor their family members' residency visas in the UAE.

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27 January 2021

Last updated on 28 January 2021
How UAE Students Can Sponsor Families: A Guide for Expats

Student visas are issued yearly to expats above 18 years old who are sponsored by an accredited university in UAE or parent.

Expats in the UAE account for a majority of its population, with more than 200 nationalities calling the Emirates "home". The country is also home to over 77 local and international universities, with tens of thousands of students hailing from the UAE or abroad.

Previously, students would need to be sponsored by a parent or accredited university, but could not sponsor dependents in return. However, as of January 24, students are now able to sponsor their families' residency in the country, announced the UAE Cabinet.

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To help you understand the new expat student family sponsorship, we've compiled what we know so far about the requirements and procedure of obtaining residency for your family if you're a student in the UAE.

Requirements to sponsor your family in the UAE

Family members of students in the UAE will be able to relocate and live in the country, provided they meet one main requirement: The student must show proof of sufficient income to finance their family member's stay.

In an official tweet, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE, said: "Today, we also approved changes in the residency and citizenship procedures in the country by enabling foreign students to bring their families whenever they have the financial means."

Whether the procedure is the same for mums or dads sponsoring their children is yet to be announced.

The article will be updated as further official information is released.