New Record Set By Dubai International Airport |

New Record Set By Dubai International Airport

The month of August for the Dubai International Airport was recorded as the world’s busiest airport

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4 October 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
Dubai International Airport

Dubai seems to be breaking records on a daily basis and this news comes of no surprise to expats and locals in the emirate.

News of Dubai breaking records around the world and making headlines has become something residents in the country hear on a daily basis.

Amazing hospitality, awesome tourism, lots of business opportunities – it definitely makes sense why the city is topping lists globally.

And now Dubai’s International Airport is bring a new record home – it set a new record for world’s busiest airport in the month of August.

The Dubai International Airport took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce the good news, saying that almost 8.37 million customers passed through the airport back in August.

This marks a new global standard and marks the airport as the world’s #1 busiest airport. This high number of visitors passing through the airport also broke the airport’s former record of 8.23 million in August of last year.

Not the first time that Dubai International Airport sets a broken record for a busy month – DXB airport has crossed 8 million people before too.

8 million might be the standard for DXB’s airport moving forward but that won’t be hard to achieve as the average number of customers per year is around 7.5 million – more than London Heathrow, which records 6.29 million customers yearly.

It’s also easy to see why people favor to pass through Dubai International Airport because not only do they get to explore the city of Dubai but they also get to enjoy the airport’s many amenities.

Here are some facts about DXB airport that might explain why it’s so popular.

1. It has shorter queue times

This needs no explanation – if you’ve ever been to the Dubai International Airport, then you’ve probably only waited in line for less than 10 minutes.

The spacious size of the airport allows more room for customer checks, baggage checks, security checks and more.

Not to mention the airport has an electronic custom check (e-gate) for those who reside in the UAE – reducing the waiting line while getting your passport stamped.

2. It has world-leading F&B amenities

DXB airport has more than 135 restaurants and bar outlets for you to dine at – so you can easily embark on a culinary journey on international grounds.

With various cuisines located in the airport – Indian, Turkish, American, Italian, Chinese and more – you’ll never run out of options.

3. It has lots of retail options

If you’re looking to do a little shopping in the airport or to buy a gift for your loved ones, Dubai International Airport has you covered.

You can shop for electronics, cosmetics, clothing, and accessories and more – with the latest retail therapy at Dubai’s Duty Free, you can find luxury brands and local brands to choose from. Dubai Airport often has great deals too, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

4. It has a spa

Feeling jetlagged and exhausted? Where else would you find a spa right in the middle of the airport for you to unwind at because traveling can really take a toll on your body.

You can instantly get relaxed by a full body massage, a foot massage or a mani-pedi before you board your flight at any of DXB Airport’s terminals.

5. It has a swimming pool

As unlikely as this might sound, Dubai International Airport actually has a swimming pool! The airport’s hotel has an amazing pool that is easily accessible to all passengers passing through the airport.

There’s also a Jacuzzi, a gym and a sauna for you to get a quick pampering session before flying away.

6. It has a trampoline

A great energy outlets for the kids (and the adults too), DXB airport’s Terminal 3 has an awesome gaming zone for children of all ages to have fun at.

From trampolines, climbing area and lots of interactive areas, your children will never get bored whilst waiting for their flight.

7. It has napping zones

Who doesn’t love a good nap, especially after a long flight of comfortable seating – you can actually get well deserved shut-eye at the DXB airport at various napping pods.

Perfect for a power nap, you’ll just need to find these igloo-shaped napping pods, close your eyes and relax before your next flight.