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See Dubai From a New Towering Point of View

This new observation deck offers a new, breath-taking view of Dubai

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3 July 2019

Last updated on 14 January 2020
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by Clarice Awa
Check Out Dubai From a New Towering Point of View

Dubai's latest attraction, The View, will be perched atop the iconic Palm Jumeirah

You've seen Dubai through a massive golden frame, from at the top with Burj Khalifa, and if you're the adventurous sort, maybe even while screaming during a skydive.

Now, what about from a towering 240 meters high, with an uninterrupted panoramic view above the famous Palm Jumeirah? With a stunning spread of the Arabian Gulf? And of the glittering city skyline?

Sounds exciting? Nakheel thinks so too as they're building a new observation deck, The View, promised to offer a breath-taking perspective. The attraction is set to open later this year.

The views at The View will be quite a view

Upon its completion, the new observation deck is accessible from Nakheel Mall. It will be located at the top level, 52nd floor of The Palm Tower, right at the heart of the island.

Omar Khoory, Managing Director of Nakheel Malls, said, "The View at The Palm will combine awe-inspiring, breath-taking views with an interactive, educational experience about the creation of the iconic Palm Jumeirah. This stunning new attraction - the only location in Dubai offering this unique experience - will be a magnet for residents and tourists."

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Visitors to The View will find an interactive museum and gallery illustrating the story of Palm Jumeirah. Then, a three-minute elevator ride will ascend you to the top of The Palm Tower, where visitors can enjoy 360-degree views of Dubai.

A VIP lounge, cafe, and gift shop will also be available.

Day or night tickets to The View can be attained online, by phone, or can be purchased at the Nakheel Mall.

If you have a head for heights, this is one new attraction to look forward to! Just, maybe don't go after you had lunch...



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