Strict Covid-19 Rules Released for UAE National Day and Christmas |

Strict Covid-19 Rules Released for UAE National Day and Christmas

UAE authorities announces new Covid-19 precautions to celebrate a safe UAE National Day holiday and festive season.

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18 November 2020

Last updated on 18 November 2020
Covid-19 Guidelines Released for UAE National Day and Christmas

Tougher restrictions have been rolled out as we move closer to the busiest time of the year...

As we reach the end of a long 2020 in the UAE, during which we've met with job losses, bans on travelling to see loved ones, and the ever changing nation-wide restrictions, expats in the Emirates may be wondering... What kind of festive season are we having this year?

Here's what we know so far.

During the UAE’s official media briefing on Tuesday November 17, a spokesperson said, "No gatherings are allowed for celebrations. No food or gifts can be exchanged. People can take part in the celebrations virtually. Concerts that last for more than three to four hours cannot be held without prior approval.”

Following the briefing, NCEMAUAE tweeted: "With #UAE National Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve celebrations approaching, we stress the importance of adhering to precautionary and preventive health and safety measures during all activities to tackle #Covid19."

Basically, in the coming weeks when the country celebrates UAE National Day, Christmas and New Year's Eve - we must all take extra precaution.

What are the Covid-19 guidelines?

During the UAE National Day and Christmas celebrations, residents are called to adhere to the following rules:

  • Concerts and other live events can be held only after receiving approval from authorities and only with the application of all precautionary measures.
  • Workplace celebrations are cancelled.
  • All are called to wear face masks when outside the home.
  • Do not hold gatherings or marches.
  • Do not circulate, distribute, or exchange celebratory gifts and food.
  • Numbers will be limited for watching celebratory fireworks.
  • Virtual, remote digital celebrations are strongly encouraged by UAE authorities.
  • A physical distance of at least 2 metres must be kept in public spaces.
  • Follow basic rules such as temperature checks, wash and sanitise hands and follow all safety guidelines.
  • Public facilities must be continuously sterilised every hour.