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These Are The Most Visited Cities Around The World This Year

And you’ll never guess how much people spent every day in each!

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17 December 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
 Most Visited Cities

The most anticipated list of the year is finally out

Every year, a list by Mastercard Index gets released that shows the most popular cities of each year and how much was spent there.

This year, the list looked at 162 cities and compared the visitor volume and the average spend per day.

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While some cities received more tourists, other cities had tourists spending more per day – Dubai tops the list for most money spent by tourists while Bangkok tops the list for most tourists this year.

Without further ado, here’s the complete list – perhaps add some of these spots to your must-visit cities for 2019!

10. Seoul

  • Visitors: 9.54 million
  • Spending per day: AED664

9. Istanbul

  • Visitors: 10.70 million
  • Spending per day: AED396

8. Tokyo

  • Visitors: 11.93 million
  • Spending per day: AED565

7. Kuala Lampur

  • Visitors: 12.58 million
  • Spending per day: AED455

6. New York

  • Visitors: 13.13 million
  • Spending per day: AED539

5. Singapore

  • Visitors: 13.91 million
  • Spending per day: AED1,050

4. Dubai

  • Visitors: 15.79 million
  • Spending per day: AED1,972

3. Paris

  • Visitors: 17.44 million
  • Spending per day: AED1,105

2. London

  • Visitors: 19.83 million
  • Spending per day: AED561

1. Bangkok

  • Visitors: 20.05 million
  • Spending per day: AED635

Time to pack your bag!



Madness in Dubai, March 2020

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