These Dubai Neighbourhoods Officially Changed Names: Emirates Hills, Motor City, etc. |

These Dubai Neighbourhoods Officially Changed Names: Emirates Hills, Motor City, etc.

The list includes Jebel Ali Village, Jumeirah Village First and Second, Dubai Motor City, Emirates Hills, Sports City, and more

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15 January 2024

Last updated on 15 January 2024
Dubai Neighbourhoods New Names 2024 news

The change in neighbourhood names is effective immediately.

Heads up! Some of Dubai's neighbourhoods will now officially be going by new names.

According to the Dubai Land Department's website, 28 well-known areas in the emirate have been renamed, including key locations such as Sheikh Zayed Road which will officially be changed to the emirate's iconic landmark, the Burj Khalifa. However, the road name itself may remain unchanged.

Other notable neighbourhoods that have been impacted include Dubai Motor City, Sports City, and Emirates Hills.

New Dubai neighbourhoods names

To familiarise yourself, here is the list of neighbourhoods in Dubai that had its official name changed in January 2024:

  • Al Khawaneej Third is now Al Ttay
  • Al Medhmar is now Al Thanyah Second
  • Al Mina Madinat is now Al Melaheyah
  • Al Safouh Third is now Al Thanyah First
  • Al Suq Al Kabeer is now Al Souq Al Kabeer
  • Dubai Industrial City First is now Saih Shuaib 2
  • Dubai Industrial City Second is now Saih Shuaib 3
  • Dubai Industrial City Third is now Said Shuaib 4
  • Emirates Hills First is now Al Thanyah Fifth
  • Emirates Hills Second is now Al Thanyah Third
  • Emirates Hills Third is now Al Thanyah Fourth
  • Festival City Second is now Al Kheeran
  • Golf City is now Al Hebiah Fifth
  • Jabal Ali Industrial is now Jabal Ali Industrial First
  • Jebel Ali Village is now Jabal Ali First
  • Jumairah Village First is now Al Barsha South Fourth
  • Jumairah Village Second is now Al Barsha South Fifth
  • Motor City is now Al Hebiah First
  • Ranches is now Wadi Al Asafa 6
  • Sheikh Zayed Road is now Burj Khalifa
  • Sports City is now Al Hebiah Fourth
  • Sport City First is now Al Hebiah Second
  • Um Nahed 1 is now Madinat Hind 1
  • Um Nahed 2 is now Madinat Hind 2
  • Um Nahed 3 is now Madinat Hind 3
  • Um Nahed 4, Al Yufrah 2, Al Yufrah 3 are now together Madinat Hind 4
  • Al Goze Second Ghadeer is now Al Tair
  • Esalel is now Madinat Latifa