WATCH: Disney's Heartwarming Advert of a Stepdad Navigating Christmas With His New Family |

WATCH: Disney's Heartwarming Advert of a Stepdad Navigating Christmas With His New Family

'The Stepdad' features a heartwarming tale of blended families during Christmas time, with cameos of much-loved Disney characters

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3 November 2021

Last updated on 3 November 2021
Disney releases 2021 Christmas advert called The Stepdad

Image credit: Disney

The 2021 Christmas advert is a sequel to Disney's viral Christmas short, 'Lola'.

Christmas is a time for quality moments with loved ones, good cheer, good food, gift-giving, and - for many years now - heartwarming festive adverts.

And Disney's new 2021 Christmas advert is one that tugs right at the heartstrings. Featuring realistic Disney's Pixar animations and lovable characters, 'The Stepdad' follows step-father Mike and his pet dog as he moves into his new family's home for Christmas.

'Stepdad' also features the return of Lola’s granddaughter, Nicole, from the hit Disney Christmas advert last year, and her two children Max and Ella.

At the heart of the three-minute animated story is a storybook gifted to Max by his biological dad. As the family reads its stories, iconic characters come to life and flies off from the storybook's pages, inspiring the family with the imagination and magic of Disney.

The Christmas advert includes an original soundtrack 'Love Runs Deeper', performed by Grammy Award-winning American jazz artist Gregory Porter, and celebrates family bonds.

Watch Disney's 'The Stepdad' here:

'The Stepdad' is a sequel to last year's Christmas advert, 'Lola', a Filipino word that means 'grandmother'. It centres on Nicole and her grandmother's childhood Mickey Mouse toy, which was gifted to her as a young girl by her father.

As the years pass, the grandmother begins to lose touch with her migrant granddaughter. They reconnect during Christmas with her beloved toy and traditional Filipino festive parols (star lanterns made from bamboo and paper).

Much like the precious storybook in 'The Stepfather', the Mickey Mouse stuffed toy and festive parols symbolises childhood and how Christmas traditions can connect families despite differences.

The 2020 Christmas advert gained 106 million views globally and became Disney's highest-performing post on its EMEA Facebook channel. It also received over 33 million YouTube views worldwide.

Watch Disney's 2020 Christmas advert, 'Lola', here: