Weather Forecast: More Rain Is Expected In The UAE |

Weather Forecast: More Rain Is Expected In The UAE

The UAE experienced unexpected rain on Sunday and will see more drizzle

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26 November 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020

Dark clouds and a drop in temperature quickly engulfed the UAE

And residents were not expecting rain to drown some parts of the country.

The sun may not have been out on Sunday, but no one in the UAE expected a rain storm to hit major parts of the emirates.

What started as a sandstorm became thunder, rain and lightning – Dubai and other emirates witnessed severe weather conditions during the night time.

So much so that motorists in the UAE were urged to take caution as soon as the intensity of the rain storm was realized by authorities.

Drivers in the country were also urged to drive safely on Monday as the weather forecasted is predicting more rain to come.

UAE’s weather forecast

The National Centre of Meteorology is responsible for predicting the weather conditions and forecast in the UAE and the region.

It warned that some parts of the UAE will experience different intensities of the rain storm on Monday and perhaps on Tuesday.

The NCM had previously warned UAE residents of cloudy weather conditions on Sunday that became a full blown thunderstorm within a few hours.

UAE residents were asked to take caution as the country will witness a drop in temperatures as well as winds of speeds up to 60 km/hr.

Schools in Dubai

School administrations in Dubai also decided that the rain may cause some issues for the students and decided to send them back home as a precautionary measurement.

Weather forecast for the week

The NCM has stated that the storm will gradually start to fade away as the week comes to an end.

By Tuesday morning, some drizzles of rain are expected to continue over parts of the UAE.

And by Wednesday, the UAE is expected to witness some fog and mist during the early mornings.

Thursday will see a rise in humidity with 85% during peak hours.