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Where to Shop Pop Culture, Comic Books & Collectibles in Dubai

Geek out and shop your favourite characters, series, and collectibles from any these Dubai hobby stores

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20 October 2023

Last updated on 23 October 2023
Best pop culture and comic book shops in Dubai

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Explore shelves lined with comics, geek apparel, and other exciting goods.

Whether your living room looks like a shrine to your favourite fictional superheroes or you're dipping your toes into figure-collecting for the first time, geek out at any of these Dubai stores offering comic books, video games, graphic novels, collectibles, memorabilia, and more!

These stores are well-stocked with an eye candy supply of geek merchandise and books. Have a look!

1. Comicave in Dubai Outlet Mall

Did you know that the world's largest themed pop culture store is located in Dubai? Head to Dubai Outlet Mall and you'll find Comicave, a massive superstore filled with an impressive range of collectibles from a variety of series, games, and movies.

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2. Books Kinokuniya at Dubai Mall

While Kinokuniya is known to be a popular book shop, the Dubai Mall-based store also features collectible figures, art books, comic books, Japanese manga, graphic novels, plush toys, and anime merchandise.

3. Otaku ME

For Gundam enthusiasts, fans of model kits, and scaled model figure collectors, check out Otaku ME! This Dubai-based hobby store has branches in Time Square Center and Al Ghurair, and both locations are packed with hobby model kits and more.

Don't worry about being new to the scene, their friendly staff are available to recommend a starter model kit for you.

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4. The Little Things

With several locations across Dubai, The Little Things is a haven of anime and pop culture figures, plush toys, trading cards, and other hobby items.

5. Geekay

Head to any Geekay store in Dubai if you're looking to shop video games, gaming consoles, decorations for your dream geek room, computer peripherals, anime figures, pop culture figures, collectibles, or other gaming items like computer parts and accessories.

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6. Virgin Megastore

Virgin Megastore offers knickknacks and electronics, from household goods and books to music CDs and stationery. For UAE hobbyists, you'll be glad to know that Virgin Megastore also stocks trading cards, collectible figures, pop culture merchandise, and clothes to rep your favourite show, movie, or video game - to name a few.

7. Geek Nation

Geek Nation is a great choice if you're looking for single issue comic books and volumes from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, to name a few. Collectors can also browse the many toys, figures, apparel, home and office décor, etc. on offer.

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8. Speedy Comics

For more comic books shopping in Dubai, visit Speedy Comics. They also have some very rare pieces as well as signed merchandise that might catch a diehard collector's fancy.

9. Comic Stop!

Comic Stop! in Jumeirah is another Dubai-based store for fans of comics, games, pop culture, anime, and more. Shop from a range of comic books, figures, and more to add to your collection. Customers can also trade in select items (just ask the staff first).