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Why is Travel Insurance so Important?

We take a look at five main reasons why having travel insurance is so very important when jet-setting around the place.

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7 July 2016

Last updated on 14 January 2020
Why is Travel Insurance so Important?

Part of being an expat is the necessity - and sometimes luxury - of being a frequent flyer. Whether it's because your career requires it, or you visit family at home, or you enjoy jet-setting around the place, we have a tendancy to clock up the air miles. 

It's no surprise then, that something so routine as travelling leaves us forgetting certain important technicalities. And yes, that's travel insurance. Have you ever been at the airport, checked in, enjoying a meal and thought "oh no! We haven't got insurance!" 

Thankfully, there's data and WiFi everywhere now, so there's not too much trouble having a quick search, selecting a plan and paying for it via your smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

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But why do some of us forget? Is it because flying frequently has become so much of a routine? It's just like getting on a bus! Of course it's safe! Right? 

Wrong. Travelling, whether internationally or domestically, requires insurance. Be it for one day, ten days or three months... As travellers of the world, and especially as expats who need to protect their property, assets and families abroad, we need to ensure we're covered with insurance before leaving the house. 

You see, getting travel insurance is extremely important for many reasons. 

Importance of travel insurance

1. You get help overseas when needed most
Thousands and thousands of people undoubtedly stumble across trouble when travelling overseas every year. By having the right level of travel insurance cover, that's suited to your needs, length of travel and destination, you can ensure that you get the best quality of care abroad. Plus in the case of emergencies, it ensures you can be moved, either back home or to a better medical facility if needed. 

There are plenty of packages available from many different companies worldwide, so it's a case of taking the time to compare prices and packages until you find one that suits you completely. 

2. It protects you from medical costs
If unfortunately, you require medical attention while travelling, you could be faced with a huge medical bill at the end of it all if you're not protected by insurance. We're all familiar with the horror stories we see online and on the news, of individuals and families stranded abroad unable to pay their medical bills... Don't risk putting yourself in that situation! Even the smallest of accidents or illnesses could land you in a doctor's waiting room abroad, and medical treatment can be incredibly expensive. 

3. Insurance covers disruptions to your trip
Of course, it's no secret that when you travel, not everything necessarily goes to plan. There's so much out of your control that could go wrong or not happen. Flights can be delayed or an emergency may mean you leaving your plane and returning home if required. 

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Without insurance, these kinds of disruptions can be quite costly; loss of money on flight tickets, plans booked but missed. And ultimately, you'll need to pay for new bookings too, which will double all costs overall! 

4. You can be reimbursed for losses and expenses
It's a nightmare while travelling - lost luggage. Or a damaged suitcase, iPhone or camera. Of course, personal belongings aren't generally cheap nowadays, what with technology advancing each day, bringing us the best quality in smartphones, photography and videography. If you lose or damage them without insurance though, you'll be responsible for replacing your items yourself. But with the right insurance, you can be reimbursed for your losses and expenses. Meaning, you won't lose money because of a hotel mistake, or a thief's quick fingers. 

5. It's always better to be prepared
When it comes to travelling to unknown territory, it's always better to be safe than sorry. For your own peace of mind, paying that extra bit for insurance goes a long way to ensure you have a smooth, stress-free journey. And if anything does unfortunately happen, you will be prepared and protected.