You Can Play Real-Life 'Squid Game' Challenges at Expo 2020 Dubai |

You Can Play Real-Life 'Squid Game' Challenges at Expo 2020 Dubai

Fans of the addictive Netflix show can play real life 'Squid Game' at the South Korea pavilion in Dubai Expo 2020

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18 October 2021

Last updated on 4 November 2021
Play real life 'Squid Game' at the South Korea pavilion in Dubai Expo 2020

The challenges are available until Sunday November 14, 2021.

Here's your chance to test how well you can survive in 'Squid Game'!

Fans of the popular Netflix show can challenge themselves with real-life versions of the games at the South Korean pavilion in Dubai Expo 2020. Of course, without the violence and deadly eliminations!

The Squid Games will take place every day from 3pm to 4pm. So listen closely to red-light green-light, keep your hands steady, grab your best team members, and head on to the South Korea pavilion for a fun afternoon.

What Squid Game challenges can you play?

Participants at the Expo 2020 Squid Games can play the dalgona or honeycomb challenge similar to the heart-pounding second round depicted in the show. Visitors must choose a shape each, which they must then attempt to carve out from a flat piece of candy using a small pin without cracking the brittle sugary treat.

If you break the shape, you lose. If you successfully carve it out, you win!

Pavilion staff will be overseeing each game, dressed exactly as the guards do in the series, with red costumes and creepy face masks hiding their faces.

Other traditional South Korean children's games shown in the series will be held at the pavilion, including Red-Light Green-Light.

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Expo 2020 said on Instagram: "Stick with the strongest team, it’s the only way to win! [...] Visit the Korea Pavilion at Expo 2020 and play Squid Game everyday until 14 November. And remember, the shape you have chosen is the shape you must piece out…"

What is Squid Game about?

Squid Game is a South Korean dystopian thriller. The story follows 456 players who are heavy in debt as they play life-threatening childhood games to win a grand money prize, estimated to be US $38 million.

It's Netflix's most successful series so far. In fact, it's their biggest release, estimated to be worth around US $900 million after just several weeks since it went live for streaming.

According to a Bloomberg News report, about 132 million had watched at least two minutes of the show in its first 23 days.

While the show can be gruesome and nail-biting, the games played are common harmless games played by South Korean children. Parents need not worry about their kids' safety while playing at the pavilion.