How to Report a Scam or Fraud Phone Call in Dubai |

How to Report Phone Call Scams in Dubai

Worried about a suspicious phone call? Here's how to report scam callers in Dubai and how to identify phone call scams

How to Report Phone Call Scams to Dubai Police

A guide to reporting phone call scams in Dubai for UAE expats.

Like any major city in the world, Dubai has its own share of fraudsters targeting UAE residents for their hard-earned money and possessions. While scams can differ, phone call scams appear to be one of the most common fraud schemes in Dubai.

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If you’re unlucky enough to be caught up in one, the best thing you can do to begin the process of recovering and protecting yourself is to report it to Dubai Police.

Reporting scam calls in Dubai is important to help stop scammers, and to prevent others from falling victim to the same schemes.

How to report phone call scams in Dubai

Although scammers are present across the country, local police take swift action when it comes to the safety and security of UAE citizens and residents.

So how do you report scam calls to Dubai Police?. Here’s where to do so.

By dialing the toll-free centre

If you've received a scam call and managed to end it before they trick you, you can dial the toll-free call centre at 901 to report the phone number.

Upon calling, you will be asked to choose a department to contact. Choose option 3 so you can get connected to the Department of Criminal Investigation (CID).

How and where to report fake scam calls in Dubai

You can also choose option 0 for a customer service representative, if needed.

Once you've been connected, you can explain what happened and report the scammer's phone number to Dubai Police.

Through the c-Crime portal

If you've been a victim of a phone call scam in Dubai, in the sense that a scammer obtained sensitive information (e.g. bank details, money, etc.), you can report the crime through the Dubai Police e-Crime portal, here.

Dubai Police's e-Crime portal is also used to report other types of cybercrime in the emirate, including social media, emails, hacking, and blackmail.

How to identify phone call scammers in Dubai

Fraudsters use a variety of tactics to lure in unsuspecting victims through the phone, have them share sensitive details, and dupe them for their money.

To help you identify phone call scams in Dubai, we take a look at some of the most common methods con artists use. Here are several telltale signs of a fake scam call in Dubai so you can avoid becoming a victim.

  • Scammers calling to inform you that you have won the lottery. Don't be fooled, winners usually aren't notified this way.
  • Unknown callers posing as representatives from legitimate authorities and companies, such as the police, banks, telecom providers, restaurants and retailers. They will request confidential information from you, e.g. your ATM card number, bank account details, PIN numbers, etc.
  • Callers from unknown numbers threatening to arrest you or block your accounts if you don't answer their questions and provide your personal details.
  • Scammers claiming to be from the government, banks, or hospitals/clinics and will ask you to "confirm" your personal details, claiming they need to "check/update" their records. They might ask for your passport info, Emirates ID number, etc. They will never randomly call and ask for your details this way.
How to identify phone scams Dubai
  • Scammers claiming they're bank employees and they need your confidential bank information so you can get your salary for the month.
  • SMS or WhatsApp messages from unknown numbers claiming they're from telecom providers, banks, police, or so-called "WhatsApp employees".

If it sounds too good to be true, then it's likely the case. Banks, hospitals, officials, etc. will never call you to request confidential information, such as your bank number, PIN number, Emirates ID, etc.

How to report scam calls in other parts of the UAE

If you're staying in one of the other emirates, here's how to report phone call scammers in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi

To report a scam caller in Abu Dhabi, you must go through the Aman Service by Abu Dhabi Police.

The Aman Service is dedicated to improving the safety and security of UAE citizens and residents in the capital.

Simply call the toll-free number at 800-2626, text them an SMS on 2828, or send an email through [email protected]

Ajman and Sharjah

If you want to report a scam caller in Sharjah or Ajman, call the local centers at 901 and select the correct department to connect to.