Medical Tests for Dubai Residence Visa |

Medical Tests for Dubai Residence Visa

Non-UAE residents are expected to undergo medical examinations in order to get their residency visas

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7 January 2013

Last updated on 14 February 2019
by Rebecca Roberts
Medical test procedures for Dubai residency visa

Before acquiring your UAE residency visa, all non-UAE residents must undergo a medical examination.

A visit to a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) medical centre may seem quite daunting at first, as they can get a little chaotic. In some instances, it may take a couple of hours to get your tests done - but don't panic. The staff are very professional, efficient and all medical centres are hygienic. Plus, your results arrive quickly!

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Before setting off, we advise you plan your day so you can get to the DHA medical centre as early as possible in the day. Depending on where your company or sponsor is registered will depend on which medical centre you'll need to visit.

Medical tests for UAE residency visa in Dubai

The tests that need to be done are:

  • a blood test
  • an x-ray

The blood test is to test for communicable diseases such as HIV-Aids and the chest x-ray is taken for the purposes of testing for TB. The tests also look out for Hepatitis B and C, leprosy, syphilis and pregnancy.

If the test results are positive, the applicant will be denied a visa and deported from the UAE as per the law.

If you have previous scars of TB - you will not be eligible to have your visa stamped. If you suspect that you suffer from a communicable disease it is advisable to get tested in your home country first.

Medical tests for categories of workers

Not all tests are required for everybody applying for a visa - the tests vary depending on the specific category of visa applied for.

The Hepatitis tests are for newcomers, and for those looking for employment as babysitters, nursery and kindergarten employees, housemaids, workers at barber shops, health clubs or restaurants.

Domestic helpers, babysitters and female drivers should undergo a pregnancy test before they take up medical fitness tests for residency. If positive, the employer should submit a statement about their awareness of the pregnancy prior to granting a visa.

Syphilis tests are mandatory for domestic helps, babysitters, workers at nurseries, barber shops kindergartens, coffee shops, health clubs, food supply centres, restaurants and other food outlets.

What if I have previously failed a test?

The UAE visa applicants who have previously failed a medical test for Hepatitis showing positive results can re-apply for residence visa as per the law. If the applicant is not blacklisted, then can probably try again after treatment, and be successful the next time.

What are the documents required for medical test in Dubai?

  • A letter from the typing office*
  • Two passport photographs
  • Health card receipt or number
  • Medical test fee
  • Your original passport

*Most government applications have to be obtained in Arabic from the typing office and an application for a medical test is no exception. It is easily obtained as there are many typing centres in the UAE.

The procedure of a medical test for Dubai visa

There is usually a ladies area in the government hospital, so you will be separated from the men. This makes the wait a little shorter and easier. You will be given a number and will go to have a blood test with one nurse and an x-ray in the x-ray room. Once you have surpassed the queue the procedure is very quick.

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Results are usually ready the following day, you will have to collect them in order to complete the submission for your visa.

The test is a little time consuming and you might be sent back and forth a few times before you get it quite right because procedures change constantly, consider this one of the biggest hurdles in obtaining a residency visa.

Where are the DHA medical centres in Dubai?

Medical tests for your UAE residency visa in Dubai are completed at a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) medical fitness centre.

There are 18 DHA medical centres in total across Dubai - and they are:

  • Al Muhaisnah Medical Fitness Center
  • Al Karama Medical Fitness Express Services Center
  • Al Quoz Mall Medical Fitness Center
  • Al Rashidiya Medical Fitness Center
  • Al Safa Health Center
  • Al Lusaily Health Center
  • Dubai Airport Medical Center - inside Terminal 1
  • Emirates Airline - next to Terminal 1
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA)
  • Dubai International Financial Center
  • Knowledge Village Medical Fitness Center
  • Jebel Ali Health Center in JAFZA
  • Uptown Mirdif Occupational Health Screening Center
  • Zabeel Health Center - near Dubai Mall
  • Emirates Medical Fitness Center - in Dubai Health Care City (DHCC)
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers Medical Screening Center
  • Dubai Business Club Medical Fitness Center - in Business Village, next to the clock tower
  • AXS Medical Fitness Center in Dubai Knowledge Park