UAE Public Holiday Isra'a Wal Mi'raj Falls on Saturday |

UAE Public Holiday Isra'a Wal Mi'raj Falls on Saturday

It has been announced that this UAE public holiday will land on the weekend

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11 April 2018

Last updated on 13 November 2018
by Rebecca Roberts
UAE Public Holiday 2018 - Isra'a Wal Mi'raj

It was announced today that Saturday 14th April will be a public holiday in the UAE for Al Isra'a Wal Mi'raj, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has confirmed.

This Islamic holiday, which is observed annually on the 27th day of the Islamic month of Rajab, translates to 'Night Journey and Ascension'.

The holiday marks the night that Allah took Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on a journey from Makkah to Jerusalem, and then onwards to heaven. This journey was made in single night, hence the name's translation.

Due to the Hijiri calendar, which is a lunar calendar, the date for this UAE public holiday and others changes date every year, compared to the Gregorian calendar which is solar based.

Interesting facts about Al Isra'a Wal Mi'raj

  • This UAE public holiday is also known as Lailat and Mi'raj, Al Isra'wal Miraj or Laylat al Miraj, and falls on the 27th day of the month of Rajab.
  • The holiday's meaning begins with the Prophet Muhammad at the Kabaa in Makkah (in Arabic, the word is 'Israa'), where he is visited by two archangels who provide him with 'Buraq' - a winged steed - who then carries him to the 'Farthest Mosque'.
  • Afterwards, he ascends to heaven where he is taught the importance of Salat and the duty of Muslims to pray five times daily. This practice is still followed over 1,400 years later.
  • The word 'Miraj' is an Arabic word that translates to 'ladder'.
  • Muslims offer special prayers in specially decorated mosques and in their homes for seeking Allah's blessings.