How to Apply for a Permit to Distribute Ramadan Iftar Meals in Dubai |

How to Apply for a Permit to Distribute Ramadan Iftar Meals in Dubai

Residents can support the local community during Ramadan by distributing iftar meals. Here's how to get your permit!

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13 March 2024

Last updated on 15 March 2024
How to Apply for a Permit to Distribute Ramadan Iftar Meals in Dubai

This permit is a legal requirement.

During Ramadan in Dubai, UAE residents partake in acts of generosity and charity in true spirit of the holy month.

One of the most common acts of kindness during Ramadan is handing out iftar meals to less fortunate individuals and families.

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Dubai residents interested in distributing Ramadan iftar meals will first need to apply for a license from the relevant authority. Not to worry though as the process is easy and simple - here's a step-by-step guide on how to get a permit to distribute iftar meals in Dubai.

Where to apply for a permit to distribute Ramadan iftar meals in Dubai?

In order to get official permission to hand out iftar meals in Dubai during Ramadan, you will need to apply through the The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) website.

If you don't want to apply online, you can contact IACAD at 800600.

How to get permission to distribute iftar meals during Ramadan in Dubai

How to apply for approval online to distribute iftar meals in Dubai?

You can easily obtain approval from IACAD authorities in just a few quick steps.

  1. Visit the IACAD official website.
  2. In the top menu, hover over "Services" and select "Charity" from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on "Approval to set up iftar tent or distribute meals" and tap on "Start Service".
  4. Sign in with your account or UAE Pass.
  5. Fill in the form with the requested details and submit it.

To apply for the permit, you will need to provide your Emirates ID details, the location of where you'll be distributing iftar meals, and the name and location of the restaurant providing the food.

Do I need a permit to distribute iftar meals for charity in Dubai?

Yes, you will need to get a permit from IACAD. Dubai authorities have stressed that UAE residents must not carry out any charity campaigns of their own or distribute iftar meals without obtaining a license first.

Individuals caught handing out iftar meals in Dubai without a permit can result in a fine of up to AED 10,000 and/or imprisonment for 30 days (maximum one year).

Other ways to give iftars this Ramadan

If you're unable to distribute Ramadan iftar meals yourself, UAE residents are allowed and even encouraged to donate an iftar meal through licensed charity organisations.

You can also volunteer and join a licensed charity organisation's Ramadan iftar programme, or join a volunteer group that already received their iftar distribution permit.