The Top 5 Aesthetic Treatments and Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2018 |

The Top 5 Aesthetic Treatments and Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2018

Below are the biggest plastic and cosmetic surgery forecast trends in Dubai this year.

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30 January 2018

Last updated on 30 January 2018
Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2018

Dr. Sanjay Parashar a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation in Dubai talks about the top plastic, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments and surgery trend to watch out for this 2018.

High Definition 3D/4D Body Contouring

Body contouring is the future and will trend for the foreseeable forever I think. It is the number one surgical and non-surgical procedure today and will be influenced by more modern, advanced techniques and technology that will allow superior results and an even quick recovery. As the words spreads further more and more people are combining surgical and non-surgical treatments to achieve their body goals. It’s getting preciser. We started with basic fat reduction, moved on to basic body contorting, which has changed the game completely and it’s all about on to high definition/3D/4D contouring today.

4D contouring is the Top of the Line. Young men, more than women demand this. They are trying to enhance muscles in their arms, chest, tummy (6 pacs) and thighs. Its all about perfection and precision. It’s not about FAT anymore. FAT removal is a given.

Some procedures we have in this space are Waist Sculpt by Cocoona, SlimFit by Cocoona and Body Sculpt Adonis by Cocoona.

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High Definition 3D/4D Body Contouring

Facial Rejuvenation

Talking about trends, facial rejuvenation cannot be ignored. Facial rejuvenation is and will be the gateway -treatment for aesthetic and cosmetic industry. In this area, I am doing more and more multilayer rejuvenation. Strategic multilayer facial rejuvenation is what gives the most natural and eternal rejuvenation. It’s not about injecting for volume, it’s about addressing the gaining concern. One may even call it a cure of aesthetic aging. The Nefertiti Jaw-Line definition, the Cleopatra lift and No-scar face sculpting.

Facial rejuvenation through injectables alone is and will remain the commonest procedure for aging and young population who quests immediate youthfulness and beauty. Unfortunately, this is driven by deals and superficial applications that solve a short-term goal as oppose to addressing the core purpose – slowing down aesthetic ageing.

CupidLips by Cocoona is one of our specialized lip fillers technique that has gained traction and will continue to seek attention. Its lip fillers with a twist and flair.

Facial Rejuvenation

Bespoke Anti-aging

Collagen. Collagen. Collagen. Like investing in real estate, it’s about location, location and location. For facial rejuvenation, it’s is all about collagen and skin health. Collagen is the protein that takes care of your skin. Okay, I am not trying to promote the useless collagen drinks and powders. I am talking about personalized anti-aging plans. These plans are for people who aim for realistic, holistic. natural and long-term appearance goals. So is it hydration? PRP? Ultherapy? peels? or it’s time to fight gravity with extra support using threads or surgeries? What is that one needs and when is important. I prescribe these for my regulars on request. One has to be ready to commit! Controlling Aging is not easy.

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Bespoke Anti-aging

Zero-downtime Facials

Typical medical facials have a downtime, it could be anything between 3 hours to 10+days. Depends on how intense the treatment is. Remember the rule no-pain no-gain applies in aesthetic treatment as well – We call is less downtime, less gain. So, the intense treatments do give longer lasting results but then one does not the luxury of time all the time. Almost every patient wanted a facial that is not the regular spa facial that massages you, simulated your blood flow, cleansed a little and left you shining for a few hours. They wanted more. They wanted a facial, which is quick, but at the same time has ZERO DOWNTIME, means they can go to a party right after and the results last for days not hours. We have something called the Party-Facial. It’s a three in one facial, with amazing results and zero downtime.

Zero-downtime Facials

Hair Restoration

The mother of all aesthetic issues, hair. Some have excess and some crave for more. Receding hairlines, bearding shaping, hair thinning and invisible eyebrows will always be top 4 concerns. What’s trending in hair is:

Hairline definition using robotic precision

Both men and women are opting for precision when looking for hair transplant. The hairline that defines how one’s hairstyle looks is gaining more importance. We use a software assisted hair studio and a surgeon assisted robot – The Artas to help achieve the goal.

Beard Shaping

Beard shapes are traditional to the Arab culture and will always be in trend. They love their beard and spend endless hours grooming them. But not everyone is born with a perfect beard line that suits their individual face structure. For people who have too much hair, we use a laser for hairline definition and reduction of unnecessary hair, which gives them the liberty of having a perfect beard line even if the missed trimming for a few days…more importantly, they don’t have to go to the saloon every single time they have to get the beard styled.

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Beard Hair Transplant

for the ones who suffer from poor beard hair growth or density, we do beard hair transplant. Yes, we can transplant hair to the beard area and give them a nice beard line and shape that is envious and extremely attractive. It is getting popular. It used to be a rare request earlier, but more and more people are opting for it.

Eyebrow Transplant

While Microblading will remain in fashion, a lot of young women who want better and more prominent eyebrows are opting for eye-brow transplant. These women want the real thing and not a tattoo instead of an eyebrow.

SideBurns transplant

Not everyone is blessed like Elvis. But having prominent meaningful sideburns can make a lot of difference to one's overall image. Yes, people are evening looking to designing these. Its all about being the best!

Zero-downtime Facials