Here’s How to Get a Healthy Gut and Healthy Mouth |

Here’s How to Get a Healthy Gut and Healthy Mouth

Ensure your sugar intake is counteracted with probiotic….

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16 December 2018

Last updated on 20 December 2018
Here’s How to Get a Healthy Gut and Healthy Mouth

Why do we have probiotic word added to our daily vocabulary? What is its relationship with bad oral smell (halitosis)?

New scientific facts, based on an eight year of avid research of large teams, show that our beliefs of unhealthy oral flora (saliva content) is a myth. So our saliva is healthy and by our life style we alter a healthy oral flora into a bad one.

Inflamed gums will cause bad mouth odour (halitosis) due to the presence of bacteria that produce sulphur in the infected sites. Just like in industrial zones, sulphur has an odd uncomfortable smell.

If we have large cavities where food collects, it would also cause bad smell because of the food turning bad in the 36 degree mouth temperature.

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If our gums are healthy and our teeth are sound, why do adults and children get halitosis?

All our foods nowadays have minute amount of antibiotic added to it, to have mass production (longer shelf life span) and an affordable price since it would last longer. This explains how yogurt stays for many days in our fridge without turning green.

This daily hidden intake of antibiotics literally kills all the healthy bacteria in our mouth and in our stomach and intestines.

Intake of white refined sugars contribute to the destruction of healthy oral and gut floras too (mouth and stomach and intestine normal microorganism/bacteria).

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The Healthy content is the probiotic. Funnily antibiotic is literally against probiotic.

In the past yogurt used to re-establish the missing healthy flora through its normal content of lactobacilli. Nowadays to ensure yogurt is produced in mass and lasts longer without turning sour and green in our fridges, the content of lactobacilli is nil.

Other food also is short on lactobacilli. Human tempering in the food has caused major changes in the content of the flora in the mouth and in the gut. It has also altered what our body absorbs (leaky gut).

When this imbalance of the flora happens, yeast in the gut flourishes. Yeast smells. This odour travels to the mouth.

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To re-establish the balanced flora, probiotic from food like proper old-fashioned yogurt with lactobacilli has to be added regularly to our diet. Other sources of probiotic can be added to our daily diet: kimshi, kefir, sauerkraut, miso, pickles…

Additional intake of raw probiotic may need to be supplemented to our diet too ( sold as liquid in pharmacies).

To the health that you deserve.