Pediatric Dental Advancements That Make the Difference |

Pediatric Dental Advancements That Make the Difference

Experts at Dr. Dina Pediatric Dentistry Clinic shine light on the dental advances that they have implemented in-house

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3 March 2019

Last updated on 4 March 2019
Pediatric Dental Advancements That Make the Difference

Dr. Dina's Pediatric Dentistry Clinic is renowned for their unique dental approach to children's oral health care.

Experts at Dr. Dina treat their young patients with utmost care and expertise. They address their concerns, discomforts as they were there own children.

Dr. Dina's Pediatric Dentistry Clinic is the only certified provider of no-brace orthodontic Myobrace treatment across the UAE.

Proven, modern equipment and materials help make dental appointments safer, speedier, and more enjoyable.

Here is the scoop on a couple of pediatric dental advancements:

1. Early Cavity Detection

It’s important to address tooth decay in primary teeth. Detecting tooth decay early is beneficial as it allows for an easier, faster, more affordable and less invasive treatment. It helps preserve baby teeth and keeps a child’s oral development on track.

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2. Kid-Sized Dentistry

In the past, adult tools were used for children’s dental needs. This can still be an issue today when taking kids to general dentists instead of pediatric offices. New products in pediatric dentistry have improved dental treatment for kids.

Tools used for examining children are smaller and are designed specifically for young patients. These improvements help us offer better care for children and make their dental visits more comfortable.

3. New Materials in Pediatric Dentistry

New materials in pediatric dentistry are enhancing how we care for primary teeth from durable, tooth-colored fillings, to safer material for pulpotomies.

Restorations are now more aesthetic, free of mercury and free of metal. When conducting a filling, we bond the tooth-colored resin directly to the tooth, which restores most of its strength and lets it stay in place and function normally until it’s time for it to fall out.

If the pulp of a primary tooth becomes infected, newer medications are safer than the old chemical treatments.

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4. Myobrace

Three in four twenty-first century children need orthodontic treatment. Often as a result of their own orthodontic experiences, parents are increasingly turning to treatment without braces or extractions, and are seeking out less invasive and preventive options.

Bad habits such as swallowing incorrectly and breathing through the mouth are major causes of crooked teeth and incorrect jaw development.

Myobrace® provides early treatment options to assist in straightening your child's teeth and jaw, often without the need for braces or extractions.

For further details, or visit our clinic for a free consultation.

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5. A Shift Towards Prevention

With dental materials like fluoride, dental sealants, dental space maintainers, Myobrace, habit-breaking appliances, and digital x-rays, we can prevent dental issues altogether or intervene before restorative treatment is necessary.

Good oral hygiene and a regular visit to the pediatric dentist every six months lead to fewer cavities in children’s teeth.