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In Need of a Pediatric Dentist? Here's One of Dubai's Best Dental Clinics for Children

The clinic is a dental home that offers a unique approach to children's oral health care

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22 January 2019

Last updated on 24 January 2019
Best Dubai pediatric dentist for children

On the search for a new pediatric dentist? Dr. Dina Pediatric Dentistry Clinic is a dental home that has a unique approach to children’s oral health care...

Their team treat their young patients and address their queries, concerns and discomforts as they were their own children.

The clinic provides the highest standard of dental care, following the guidelines of the internationally recognized American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and respecting the safety procedures of the U.A.E’s Licensing Bodies.

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The team has grasped the true meaning of the Pediatric Dentistry Profession: a speciality that provides primary and comprehensive preventive therapeutic oral health care for infants, children and through adolescence.

The dentists at Dr. Dina Pediatric Dentistry Clinic are trained to use management behavior techniques to help the children get acquainted with the dental environment. We see patients from birth up to their early teens.

Your children are in good hands at Dr. Dina's

The clinic manages children who might have some challenges - and their dentists have the training and experience to evaluate and treat patients that are medically and physically compromised. This includes patients on the autism spectrum disorder, diabetes etc.

If your child is uncomfortable in the dentist chair - don't worry, as the center is equipped with sedation facilities, should a patient need it. Inhalation sedation (with gas) will ensure a comfortable session, and children are awake and responsive when conscious sedation is administered.

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General anesthesia may be recommended for children with extensive dental needs, certain medical conditions and special needs, and for some children who cannot cooperate while awake because of age or maturity level.

With this technique, children are asleep and all dental work is completed at one time under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.

Dr Dina Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in Dubai

Services at Dr. Dina Pediatric Dentistry Clinic

Services include regular check-ups (every six months), cleaning and topical fluoride treatment, protective sealants, cavity prevention, restorative treatments (tooth color fillings, cavity fillings, root canal for baby teeth, caps, …), esthetic zirconia crowns, interceptive orthodontic treatments, conscious sedation, custom made night guards and sports guards.

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Dr. Dina’s Pediatric Dentistry Clinic is the only certified provider of the renowned no-brace orthodontic Myobrace treatment, across the UAE.

Their team of pediatric dentists and orthodontist ensure your children have a long-lasting beautiful smile.

To get in touch with Dr. Dina - simply press the 'click to contact' buttons on the page to book an appointment!