Remedies for Aging Skin You Can Find in Dubai |

Remedies for Aging Skin You Can Find in Dubai

You do not immediately need to turn to invasive treatment to combat aging skin and look years younger!

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16 April 2019

Last updated on 17 April 2019
Remedies for Aging Skin You Can Find in Dubai

Aging is inevitable, but novel methods of skin rejuvenation are constantly developing with treatments ranging from topical products and non-invasive technologies, all the way to invasive procedures and injectables.

But sometimes, the easiest way to tackle aging skin can be as easy as finding items in your pantry. And its never to early to start looking after your skin – prevention is always better than treatment.

There are a range of common cosmeceuticals: retinol, vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acids to name a few; use of these should be based on skin type and needs.

In terms of procedures according to each patient’s specific situation, chemical peels, dermabrasion, lasers and injectables such as Botox and fillers are the most well-known. These treat a variety of conditions such as smoothing out fine lines, removing age spots, and restoring volume in areas of the face that are less plump as the natural level of collagen reduces as we age.

Anti-aging products are relatively easy to come by on the market. Skin care routines should typically include retinol (topical vitamin A) which has an anti-aging effect and also allows the skin to better absorb other products. In addition, vitamin C (in the form of a serum or cream) softens fine lines, improves skin texture and reduces age spots.

For those looking to further protect their skin, different types of alpha hydroxyl acids (most commonly known is glycolic acid) help to increase moisture levels. As a minimum, all skin care regimes should include use of an SPF cream (factor 30 and above).

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If you prefer natural remedies, there are many options available – many of which can be found in your kitchen:

  • Aloe Vera – has a moisturising effect which improves skin elasticity
  • Rose water – a rich source of anti-oxidants that revives the skin
  • Honey – one of nature’s best moisturisers which can be combined with papaya to give the skin a natural vitamin C boost
  • Almond oil – helps to hydrate and sooth the skin

Aside from topical solutions, eating foods rich in antioxidants such as berries protect our bodies from aging. If we are looking for a natural Omega 3 boost, walnuts are a key source and for a vitamin top up, watermelon provides vitamins A and C for glowing skin.

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You can tailor your skin care regimen depending on your age:

  • Teens and 20’s – These days, young people are well aware of the benefit of a good sin care regimen. Despite this knowledge, they are still more likely to use harmful tanning beds. It is important to protect your skin against the sun, wind, pollution and other environmental factors. If you don’t use an SPF product, you skin may appear older looking with premature wrinkles.
  • 30’s – This is when physiological changes begin to manifest, as skin becomes thinner and collagen starts reducing. Complexion may dull resulting from slower cell regeneration. Fine lines and wrinkles may begin to appear. Individuals who start looking after their skin in their teens are more likely to have skin that is even and radiant.
  • 40’s and older – Skin tone is more prone to becoming uneven due to cumulative damage. The skin also tends to lose elasticity and can retain less moisture. Main areas of concern in this age group are the forehead and crows’ feet. Volume may be lost in the cheeks resulting in deep-set wrinkles and frown lines.

Dr. Reem Al Kaddah
Specialist Dermatology and Venereology
Medcare Motor City Medical Centre