Dubai Insurance To Cover 3 Types of Cancers And Hepatitis C In 2019 |

Dubai Insurance To Cover 3 Types of Cancers And Hepatitis C In 2019

It will be a part of the basic health plans

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26 December 2018

Last updated on 26 December 2018

Starting from January 2019

It was just announced that three types of cancers and Hepatitis C will be covered in basic benefit plans in health insurances by the Dubai Mandatory Health Insurance Scheme from January 2019.

The free screenings and treatments will be available via an additional AED19 to be added per health insurance policy from the New Year.

This extra fee will be pooled to help low salary band workers who need help covering cancer treatment costs under their insurance plan.

Called the Basmah initiative, this additional money will be collected in a trusted account under the authority and will be used in cases to treat employees who cannot continue funding their cancer treatment due to insufficient money.

Basmah initiative will be available for all companies with an insurance plan – even the ones using the mandatory basic plan or the essential benefits plan with an index rate of AED550.

With the index and the pooled money, employers can have up to AED150,000 to be used for cancer treatment under their insurance plan.

This move will help patients get free screenings for cancer and Hepatitis C and even receive treatment when diagnosed – in efforts to focus on preventive rather than curative methods to reduce treatment costs.

Treatment for Hepatitis C is part of a worldwide movement by the World Health Organization to eradicate HCV by 2030, which is line with Dubai’s same vision by 2021.

How will this help?

Effective from the start of the year, this initiative will help cut costs by early diagnosis, reducing complications and providing financial and emotional support to patients suffering from these illnesses.

Even those with limited basic coverage who can’t afford their treatment otherwise.

This isn’t the first time a mandatory treatment option was introduced into Dubai’s insurance plans – back in 2017, it was mandatory to add free screening for diabetes and newborn development to health insurance plans in the city.

The Dubai Health Insurance Corporation is aiming to encourage more and more employers to opt for insurance plans that look after the well-being of their employees.

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So much so, that residents in Dubai who are over the age of 60 and are being denied health insurance coverage can report the incidents to the corporation with evidence.

Companies are also encouraged to include wellness options in their insurance plans to promote healthy living in their workforces.