How Botox in Dubai Can Help With Vaginismus |

How Botox in Dubai Can Help With Vaginismus

Discover how having Botox injections can help with vaginismus and reduce pain during intercourse

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16 September 2018

Last updated on 3 September 2019
Botox in Dubai Can Help With Vaginismus | Roya Medical Centre

Did you know? Painful intercourse can be the result of different causes, but the most common form is medically known as Vaginismus.

Vaginismus is a condition under which, vaginal muscles contract involuntary causing massive pain making the intercourse extremely painful or even impossible in many cases.

Vaginismus affects about 0.5 % of women and can be triggered at any age. The actual cause of the condition is not clear but it might be as a result of an either physical or psychological trauma.

Emotional factors and physical conditions or physiologically hypercontracted pelvic muscles, could also be linked to the condition.

In treatment of Vaginismus, the first thing to go for, is a personalized consultation through which the doctor asks you a few questions such as when you first noticed the condition or if you have suffered from any trauma previously.

It is necessary to have a pelvic exam done, which in 100% of cases will indicate if the patient has hypercontracted pelvic muscles or not. The pelvic exam is also done to rule out any infections or other physical causes.

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Botox Injection: One of the most effective treatments; How is it done?

One of the most effective methods in treating Vaginismus, is Botox injection into vaginal muscles.

Botulinum Toxin is injected in controlled doses in key muscles which cause the pain by involuntary contraction. The procedure can be done either in the clinic using local anesthesia or under full anesthesia if requested by the patient. The treatment is done in 20 minutes and involves minimum downtime. You can resume all activities the day after the treatment.

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How long does the effect last? How many treatments will be needed?

The initial results of Botox injection for Vaginismus, can last up to 6 months approximately.

The procedure can be repeated as per your individual needs, however in 90% of cases, there will be no further need to repeat the treatment as the muscles lose their involuntary contraction after the first injections.

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