New RTA Parking Has Been Implemented In Barsha Heights |

New RTA Parking Has Been Implemented In Barsha Heights

Residents who live in the area now have to pay RTA parking fees as the meters were set up last week

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23 October 2018

Last updated on 23 October 2018
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It’s extremely hard to find free parking in Dubai, and for a while residents in this area could

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case, residents in Barsha Heights have now been hit with more regulated parking areas.

Barsha Heights is a residential area near Greens and Barsha in Dubai that is filled with residential buildings, hotels and offices.

And now paid parking signs have popped up in the residential areas near the Barsha Heights metro station, specifically on the same road as Grand Millennium in Barsha Heights.

The area has been marked with an RTA parking sign that holds an “A” zone, meaning that anyone who wants to park their car in that area will have to pay a fee of AED4 an hour.

Parking charges are applicable from 8:00 AM till 10:00 PM from Saturday to Thursday during the week.

Fridays and public holidays are the only times when RTA designated parking would be free of charge.

The parking fees around Dubai depends on which category the parking is in.

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Category 1: All Of Deira and Bur Dubai

  • ½ Hour – AED2
  • 1 Hour – AED4
  • 2 Hours – AED8
  • 3 Hours – AED12
  • 4 Hours – AED16

Category 2: Rest of Dubai

  • 1 Hour – AED2
  • 2 Hours – AED5
  • 3 Hours – AED8
  • 4 Hours – AED11

Parking Zones

This has prompted some search into the different fees paid for different RTA marked zones, so make sure you know which zone is applicable to you – public parking has been divided and labeled as A, B, C, D, F and G.
It’s also good to know how much money to carry around to avoid a hefty parking fine and you identify which zone by looking for an RTA parking sign in the area.

  • Zone A – AED4 per hour
  • Zone B – AED3 per hour
  • Zone C – AED2 per hour
  • Zone D – AED2 per hour
  • Zone E – special area for fish market
  • Zone F – AED2 per hour
  • Zone G – special area for Downtown Dubai
  • Zone J – AED4 per hour