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Police In Dubai Have Recorded 121 Accidents This Year

From minor to major road accidents in 2018

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12 November 2018

Last updated on 13 November 2018
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Motorists are advised to abide by the road rules in the UAE

Even though Dubai Police set several road rules to ensure that motorists cause no harm to themselves or to other drivers and pedestrians in the streets of Dubai.

However, accidents are sometimes unavoidable.

So much so that the Dubai police have recorded 121 accidents from January till September of this year.

These road accidents have resulted in 170 injuries and unfortunately 36 deaths of those involved.

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Dubai Police also revealed that the highest peak time for accidents this year was during the months of May and June – 18 and 12 accidents in each month respectively.

And out those 12 accidents in June, Dubai Police recorded the passing of 6 motorists during that month alone.

Rescue teams in Dubai are vigilant when it comes to road accidents, the team has to help the passenger, move the damaged cars and clear the way for over motorists in the road and ensure overall safety on the roads.

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Often times the situation may worsen as they try to save the lives of the motorists, such as the car catching on fire and they need to evacuate the victims as soon as possible.

The most accidents in Dubai were recorded in the following areas:

  • 1. Jebel Ali – 37 accidents in total
  • 2. Rashidiya – 31 accidents in total
  • 3. Al Barsha – 30 accidents in total

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Awareness by the Dubai Police

Dubai Police have continuously taken to social media in efforts to remind the public and motorists in Dubai and the UAE to practice safe driving.

Posting awareness advice on Twitter and Instagram such as the below: