Household Cleaning Tips for Parents with Babies |

Household Cleaning Tips for Parents with Babies

It may sound tough, but worry not as Karcher shares with us top tips on cleaning a house in the presence of little ones...

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10 July 2017

Last updated on 26 June 2018
Household Cleaning Tips for Parents with Babies
Once there is a baby in the house, life takes on a new meaning and there is less time to do things in a leisurely way. For new parents, this often means that they have to adapt their previous cleaning habits.

This includes turning a blind eye once in a while when work sometimes has to wait. Kärcher gives tips on how to effortlessly integrate cleaning into the daily routine with a baby and make the home a place where the whole family feel comfortable despite fatigue and a lack of time.


1. Prioritise

Young parents always want to protect their baby from dirt. They try to keep their home as clean as possible.

However, parents should realise that it is acceptable if not everything in the home is perfect. Prioritising is the keyword. It is very important to keep the kitchen and bathroom clean, which should both be cleaned regularly. This is easily done with several cleaning cloths and cleaning solution. It is more economical to fold the cloth four times instead of crumpling them up when cleaning. When all sides of a cloth have been used, cleaning can continue with a new one. This saves having to rinse the cloth constantly and therefore saves time.

Karcher: Cleaning with babies

2. Clean floors

When toddlers start to crawl, floors should be clean. Since children love spreading toys around the home, they should be cleared away before cleaning.

A play blanket with drawstring that can be made into a bag is ideal for this purpose. Collect the toys on the blanket and put the bag away. Next, vacuum thoroughly and finally wet wipe hard floors. Steam cleaners such as the Kärcher SC 3 Premium are an ideal alternative to cleaning with detergents. This ensures that children can crawl on floors that have been cleaned without chemicals.


3. Visible areas first

Grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends would like to meet the new member of the family and announce a visit. Instead of cleaning the home thoroughly, there is a simpler solution. Cleaning visible surfaces removes dirt and chaos in next to no time whilst the baby is sleeping.

Karcher K55 Electric Broom
To start, thoroughly air the room in which you want to entertain your guests. Subsequently, empty waste bins, clear away newspapers, books and toys and remove fingerprints from smooth surfaces. Crumbs on the floor from breakfast or lunch can be removed quickly with the K 55 cordless electric broom from Kärcher. Instead of cleaning all other rooms, this time simply shut the doors. Visitors can also help reduce the need for cleaning by removing their shoes at the front door. This ensures that less dirt is brought into the home from outside.